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10 websites of wedding photographers for the 2017

Published by: Martino on April 9, 2017

Today we bring you a very special list full of brilliant compositions, unique brands, passionate photographers, positive people, and creative minds. A selection of photographers prepared with the love that the occasion required. Note that it is not a top 10 list, neither are they the best nor are they the most awarded, they are 10 Wedding Photographers with excellent websites that combine impressive quality and passion for their work. The style of their images is very successful since they obtain daily recognition from the couple and also that of their fellow photographers.

Are the 'love photographers' in charge of capturing the feeling, beauty and tenderness in his photographs. A beautiful collection for you to be inspired by a creative, moving, hilarious at the moment, sexy and truly brilliant wedding photography. You're going to love it. Get ready to enjoy with our selection of 10 websites of wedding photographers for this 2017:



[1] Javier Cintas -

When you visit Javier Cintas' website, you realize that everything is designed to attract future clients. Everything you are looking for, Javier puts it right under your nose as soon as you enter :). How to start, his daily work on the blog with extensive reports, his incredible videos, his way of working, ... And all this finished off with his awards and recognitions ...

Un Extremadura photographer with an excellent approach with which you will want to get married by watching their website.




[2] Ernesto Prieto Photography -

Ernesto Prieto is a photographer from Granada of whom 'break the feeling' with his photographs, always in search of that moment, that feeling, that madness ... They endorse a host of international awards 'Editor's choice' MyWed, has been a finalist Nikon Awards 2016, has made several publications, and has presented several exhibitions and projects Photographic In its Granada photo studio you will find attitude, desire, passion and love, much love ...

In addition, to further improve your business options on your website you have a private customer area where your customers can make selections of photos for the book, download photos of an event, buy photos and services, etc. And also of a Red Room ... Do you dare to enter?



[3] Jorge Lara -

Jorge Lara is recognized for his excellent work in photography and video in Mexico and the United States. He has served as director of photography on commercials, music videos, and television shows for NBC. His style in wedding photography is based on working with the language and story that he tells in each report.

He is currently a trainer, directs an online photography magazine Black paper magazine and has a company focused on the Boudoir in Mexico. Get hooked with your website. What a cool wave!




[4] Julián Vitiníco

NOA It was born from the initiative of a young man who one day made the decision to dedicate his life to wedding photography. This young man is Julián Jutinico Ávila, a Colombian who has found a visual identity as Wedding photographer and cinematographer in Chapinero Alto, leading a young and committed team that knows very well how to move its business through its website.

In addition, its website has a Private customer area for photo selection, make presentations and sell your photographs to customers discreetly without leaving home. And the blog posts and social networks close a circle that helps them get many customers.




[5] Lorenzo Ruzafa

Its website is a decalogue of wedding photography, it includes everything a social photographer website should include. The creator is Lorenzo Ruzafa, a photographer in Castellón who knows very well how the Internet works. Do not ever miss this website.

Only by reading its menu you already realize that you are not on any website: How we work, Experiences, What to give, a multitude of galleries that you will not be able to see, a blog with a multitude of entries, a Private customer area to show and sell photos to your customers Does anyone give more?



[6] Gaetano de Marco

Gaetano de Marco is a photographer from Salerno (Italy) who is fortunate to enjoy wedding photography in Italy, an incomparable setting to find beautiful corners for his excellent snapshots. His website is a clear example of this, and Gaetano knows better than anyone, with his 20 years of experience, how to take advantage of these incredible scenarios to highlight special moments told in a natural and journalistic way.

Discover your sessions in your blog 'Wedding Stories in Italy', true love without hairpieces or photographic touch-ups.




[7] Susanna of the Key

Susana de la Llave is synonymous with elegance, sensitivity and beauty. A wedding photographer in Cádiz specialist in finding the perfect combination between realism and art. Susana loves to eternalize the love that the bride and groom transmit with gestures, looks and hugs at weddings.

His website is the spitting image of his way of working, naturalness and simplicity, accompanied by touches of madness to get the best images that reach his clients.




[8] The racó de la nuvia -

Emotionality, beauty and sweetness are the adjectives that come to mind when you go to see the website of El racó de la nuvia (The bride's corner). Behind is Xavier Peña, a wedding photographer in Tarragona who has always felt wedding photography as a dream that allows him to convey sensations, emotions and feelings. So he did not hesitate for a moment to focus his business with a name that identified his specialty.

In addition, its website includes a Customer area, a private corner for the bride and groom to choose their photos from home, the guests of an event download their photo for free, or to sell their photos, among many other possibilities.




[9] Once upon a time

Once upon a time, Mayte and Sergio, a couple of wedding photographers in Valencia that one day they dreamed of creating a different way of seeing weddings. As a story we introduce you to some photographers known in their area for their unique and modern style.

They are not the typical wedding photographers, they love to innovate, a fireworks in the snow, a pillow fight, a meeting on a subway staircase ... They are storytellers with very emotional photography. His groundbreaking style is clearly reflected on his website with sections that go straight to the heart.




[10] Mario Saez -

Conveying emotions and feelings, that is what Miguel Sáez, a photographer from Palma de Mallorca, chases in your wedding photographs, you have to live in the moment. A photographer in Palma de Mallkiller whale, which manages to create magnificent snapshots of great naturalness, without forced poses, where you can feel comfortable.

Your wedding photography website cannot be better presented, with several sections aimed at your clients, in which more than one insurance will end up getting excited with your words and your photographs.




[Now it's your turn :)] Create your wedding photographer website

If you want to create your website specialized in wedding photography, you can try the web service that Arcadina offers you for free for 14 days without obligation by entering here: And if you have any questions, the Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


2 thoughts on "10 websites of wedding photographers for the 2017"

  • on July 11, 2019

    What a great contribution! I love these websites! All an inspiration to me!

  • on April 17, 2020

    Just keeping 10 has to be really complicated. Very good all of them.
    Congratulations on the blog, I love it.


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