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Market survey results 2019

September 26, 2022
There are not many references on the internet about average prices and survey of wedding photographers. To some other part ...
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conectaMadrid 2022

Discover 🌍 CONECTANDO Madrid ⭐

Aug 12, 2022
Meet the protagonists of the new training event for wedding photographers 🌍 CONECTANDO MADRID: a party and a ...
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30 Photographs of Pets at Weddings

Apr 29, 2022
Best friends cannot be missing Domestic pets are faithful observers of our actions. Are alli c ...
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from technique to heart

From technique to the heart

March 23, 2022
Wedding photography course April 4 and 5, Madrid. With Mónica Del Agua and Jose Ignacio Ruiz Add emotion to your photos ...
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see workshop

VERSE Workshop 18-22 April

March 09, 2022
WHAT IS VERSE WORKSHOP? IT'S AN ADVENTURE Verse Workshop is an experience, a challenge, an adventure where you discover your ...
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how to introduce yourself

How to present yourself on your photography website

November 19, 2020
Talking about oneself is never easy, especially if you have to start creating the "About me" section of your website ...
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to manage time

Optimize a photographer's time

Jan 21, 2020
Written by Laura Llorente on Arcadina Photographer's blog, welcome to 2020! A year ahead of gr ...
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2019 Photographer of the Year: Pasquale Minniti

December 04, 2019
The FdB Awards photo contest has turned five. During this time the contest has grown in numbers and ...
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How to select photos for your Portfolio

Apr 30, 2019
Have you ever stopped to think that the images that you show in your portfolio of photographic services will be the ones that you mark? ...
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text copywriting web photographer

"Copywriting" on photography websites

Apr 20, 2019
In this article Copywriter Laura Llorente gives a series of tips on how to improve the texts of a page ...
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FdB Awards Book 2019

The book of the FdB Awards

November 12, 2018
Every year since 2018 we publish a book with the winning photographs in the FdB Awards contest. A book is the sop ...
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New web covers in Arcadina

March 02, 2018
The first impression is always important. And when we talk about web pages, having an attractive first page is ...
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Smart Album in Spanish

Smart Albums in Spanish

Aug 09, 2017
Today we share a story that will make all photographers who don't get along very well with English happy. Pro ...
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Webs for photographers

10 websites of wedding photographers for the 2017

Apr 09, 2017
Today we bring you a very special list full of brilliant compositions, unique brands, passionate photographers, ge ...
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Creative websites

6 Examples of Creative Websites of Photographers

May 09, 2016
We have gathered six web pages of photographers to inspire you when creating your own. It goes without saying ...
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smart albums

Smart Albums: designing an album has never been ...

February 09, 2016
For years, wedding photographers have struggled and suffered to find a comfortable and convenient way to design ...
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