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FdB Awards Contest

Excellence in Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a form of artistic expression that deserves to be recognized and valued. Since 2015, the FdB Awards contest has been a tool that promotes the talent and creativity of photographers around the world.

Every three months we celebrate a new round rewarding the most original, emotional and impressive wedding photos and reports. We are always looking for news and for this reason photos that have received awards in other contests are not allowed.

FdB Awards is one of the most prestigious and respected competitions in the world of wedding photography. With more than 2.000 unique participants and two categories: individual photos and full reports.

We have the help of a jury made up of top-level international professionals and a rigorous evaluation process. Less than 10% of the photos submitted get recognized. Only in this way can we guarantee an excellent selection that will be a source of inspiration for everyone: photographers and grooms.

Members of the jury:

fdb awards 25 slide

More than € 5.000 in prizes

Contest for Wedding Photographers FdB Awards


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First prize:

From 2º to 4º Classified:

  • One year of SmartAlbums software license plus one year of cloud service plus one year of SmartSlides Pro plan offered by Pixellu
  • 50% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers of Arcadina
  • 500 euros to invest in products alboom
  • A license rawsie Hard-working Pro valued at 49 $

From 5º to 7º Classified:

  • One year license of SmartSlides Pro software from Pixellu
  • 30% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers Arcadina
  • 400 euros to invest in products alboom

From 7º to 10º Classified:

  • 50% discount on any annual plan of Pixellu (Smart Album - Smart Slides) for one year.
  • 20% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers of Arcadina
  • 1 year of “Pro Site” product or 1 year of “Alboom CRM” of alboom

The classification of the Wedding Story category is different and independent of the classification of the category of individual photographs. In each round the report that has been ranked first receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other winning reports are worth 1 point. The photographers add the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual prize.

First prize:

  • An album Young book Of the Graphistudio (value € 300)
  • A Nano de la Rosa leather harness
  • A license Dotphoton Raver valued at 149 $

Second prize:

  • 50% discount on any Graphistudio album
  • A license rawsie Lifetime valued at $ 200

Third award:

  • 50% discount on any Graphistudio album
  • A license Dotphoton Hard-working pro valued at 49 $

Fourth classified:

  • 50% discount on any Graphistudio album

Fifth, Sixth and Seventh classified:

  • 40% discount on any Graphistudio album

Eighth, Ninth and Tenth classified:

  • 30% discount on any Graphistudio album


Round 22 Judges
Donatella Barbera (Italy)
Mauricio Arias (USA)
John Palacios (Colombia)

Round 23 Judges
Erin Chrisman (USA)
Jesus Ochoa (Come)
Ariel Haber (Arg)

Round 24 Judges
Alison bounce (France)
Moana wu (China)
Huy Nguyen (USA.)

Round 25 Judges
Ivelin Iliev (Bulgaria)
Kim den Hartog (Netherlands)
Jason Vinson (USA)


Round 26 Judges
Blair DeLaubenfels (USA)
Xiang Qi (Chinese)
Arno de Bruijn (Netherlands)

Round 27 Judges
Tyler Wirken (USA)
Jesse LaPlante (USA)
Timothy Katua (Kenya)

Round 28 Judges
Daniela Diaz Burgos (MEXICO)
Yuanman (CHINA)
Valentina Nino (COLOMBIA)

Round 29 Judges
Christian Cardona (COLOMBIA)
Elena Flexas (Mexico)
Rino Cordella (ITALY)

FdB Awards Book 2019

The book

Every year we publish a catalog with the award-winning photographs in book form.

How to participate in the contest?

To participate in the contest for wedding photographers it is necessary to be part of the FdB certified photographers. You can request your certification in this link. Certified photographers can send a maximum of 15 photos not previously won by other contests.

Participants will send their photos through the form on the web, in the period established in the calendar. Each of the photographs will be reviewed to confirm that they meet the established requirements.

Evaluation Modality

The images will be renamed, mixed randomly and sent to the jury formed by three renowned foreign photographers. The three judges will independently choose among the admitted photographs a number of photos they consider worthy of the prize.

The photographs chosen by a greater number of judges become part of the winning selection. A Contest for Wedding Photographers will be held. The professional who has received the highest number of awards at the end of the year will be named "Photographer of the Year".

Read the Complete Contest Rules

Calls 2023:

Round 30: from 5 to 15 January 2023

Round 31: from 10 to 25 April 2023

Round 32: from 1 to 15 July 2023

Round 33: from 8 to 23 October 2023


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