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Let your skin bristle in every smile in every breath and every word. It's your wedding day, feel every moment, forget about the photographer, the photos, the poses. Forget everything else. Enjoy. LIVES.

My name is Mercedes Gallegos, six years ago I discovered my passion: photography and, specifically, wedding photography. I cannot think of a more exciting, sexy, creative and exciting job than this one.

If what you are looking for is to capture those moments without their intervention, enjoy your day, let it flow, enjoy without ever thinking about a pose, without thinking about photos, that's what I'm for. That day it is you, feel, in each smile, in each breath and each word.

When everything happens, you will relive that moment again, just as it happened. I am the photographer you were looking for.

Get excited, it's your story, it's your wedding ..

I always tell the bride and groom that the third person who enjoys the wedding the most is me, and it is my seal of quality, my passion for my work, it is love for your wedding. That's why you're getting married right? You also know what passion is.
Because if you love something, it can only go well, but I know it will be amazing.

If you are also looking for a photographer who looks for a plus in the report, those vibrant photographs, that let the wedding flow without interfering. The ninja photographer, some boyfriends have told me, when they see me leave a corner, where they didn't even know I was.

Then excited they understand that their story is complete, that it is in each photo, that they are exactly like their own memories of that passing day so fleeting.

You already have it.

FdB certified photographer

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