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TN Wedding Photography

3 2021

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Vetusta Moral, Izal, Supersubmarina, LAMODA, Viva Sweden.

Wishing to love, 2046

In all Spain

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In photography I have done reportage, portrait, landscape, some works I have seen published in magazines or press, I had fun. I stopped having fun when I discovered the difference between making a beautiful photograph and another that was not, and then I made a more alarming discovery, there is nothing more useless than making a beautiful photograph.

A photograph has to be something else, it has to tell something else, a story, a truth, that is the subtle but fierce difference. After that, the whip fell. Just as some people practice piano or violin four and five hours a day, I practice with photography. However, I don't show anyone everything I do. The study of photography keeps me totally busy, it is about my learning in the art of knowing how to look, to observe the light, the different compositions, to observe the mere daily life, and to know that reality of vertigo that creates every image. The previous confidence that I acquire with the bride and groom helps me observe the wedding with complete security and thus achieve a framework of sincerity and honesty on the wedding day.

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