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Photographer of the year 2015: Alberto Muriel Pina

Published by: Martino on December 14, 2015

The objective of our community is to value the work of the best wedding photographers in Spain. In order to promote and recognize the best photographers, each year we deliver a title to the professional with the highest number of prize photos. It is an honor and pleasure to declare Photographer of the year 2015 Alberto Muriel Pina with a total of 11 winning photos in the FdB awards.


This year 2015 we have organized three rounds of the FdB awards
Some of the best photographers in all of Spain have participated by sending a large number of photos of excellent technical and artistic quality.

The winning photos have been chosen thanks to the members of the jury, formed by renowned international photographers. Among the jurors:
Susanna Barberá (Spain), Dennis Berti (Mexico), Vinny Labella (Spain), Edoardo Agresti (Italy)Martino buzzi (Italia) Wellington Fugisse (Brazil), Yure RIchard (Brazil), Adrian Stehlic (Argentina)





This title is a guarantee for all couples looking for a distinguished photographer.
Photographer of the Year It is a title that demonstrates dedication, talent and originality. Congratulations!

Alberto Muriel Pina Website:


Interview with Alberto:


Where do you live?

In Salamanca, allIt is where I have my professional studio.

Have you always dedicated yourself to wedding photography? 

Previously he did travel and calland. A few years ago I took the step towards wedding reports.

Why did you decide to become a wedding photographer?

I like to go to the limit, often without knowing what I'm going to find. The emotion of each moment, the expression of the people, the gestures, the looks... That comes to me from the photography of calle.

How would you define your wedding photography style?

I have two clearly differentiated styles. The wedding day is mostly photojournalistic. The post-wedding is totally artistic and creative.

How do you maintain the motivation and freshness of your photographs?

There is no other motivation than to set goals in life. Try to be the best even though you may never be able to. And in relation to the freshness of my photographs there is no more secret than continuous training. attendallyou are, workshops, conventions… If you don't do it, you are one more, you are dead.


Award winning photos round 1:



Award winning photos round 2:

Award winning photos round 3:




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