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Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m a shot-aholic! Below is a personal inventory of the times I’ve let my addiction get the better of me. Lying down under a horse no one was holding; going waist deep in the ocean fully clothed and subsequently shooting the remainder of that wedding with soggy underwear; standing in the middle of the street in busy traffic; dangling over a spiral-stairwell railing while standing on a chair, being stung by bees, bitten by critters, kicked by crazy dancers, pricked by cacti and shooting weddings with the flu, food poisoning and one week after giving birth (not all at the same time of course :P)

My photography gear has been subjected to such nonsense, it has filed for legal separation. It has been dropped down elevator shafts, run over by cars, drowned in downpours, fallen out of windows… and the list goes on.

So what is the point of telling you all of this? Not to make you think I’m a clutz, although there is maybe a little bit of truth to that ;-), but because I hate the word “passionate.” You’ll find it on just about every photographer’s “about me” that you read. Because I hate “selling” people on how much I love what I do… you’ll see it in the images from your day… but I have to write something here. So this is me, in my own words, describing what a single photograph means to me. So, if you want someone who is so enthusiastic about creating amazing art for your wedding he/she is willing to risk life and limb for a “shot,”, look no further.

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