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Our adventure began in 2012, when our passion for photography made that in addition to photographing landscapes, some people close to us asked us to carry out reports of communion, children, youth, etc.
After those closest to us showed our jobs, more and more people called us for photo reports. Already the Hobby, every time it was turning into work. It was then that we saw a business opportunity, but people always want more, that's why at those same moments the training came at a professional level, (lighting, portraiture, focal points, frames, and many hours of outings).
A year later, it was when we had to take the big step…. THE WEDDINGS, but it was something very serious, since it was the great day of many people.
It was there that we knew that only training was not enough, and we started working as second wedding photographers with professionals with more than 25 years of experience.
Always under the tutelage of great professionals, we were training in how to treat the bride and groom, how to take photos, illuminations, gestures, hugs, looks, kisses, each time we were at a wedding they were different experiences.
And as everyone has their big day, in June 2014 our first weddings alone, but always working for other people. So until 2017, which was the year we decided to open our own photo studio, and bring our experience to our Huelva clients.
We love our work, we are passionate about it and our clients know it and that is why we have a significant workload in the world of photography in Huelva.
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