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Craftsman of the Light


You will be the main protagonists in a day full of nerves, emotions and many promises that you will share with your families and best friends.
On that day, you will have me with all my enthusiasm and dedication at your disposal.

Hi, I'm David, wedding photographer for several years. And although most of the reports I do are in Madrid, I will be happy to move to any corner of the Spanish geography to attend your wedding day.

When defining the type of photography with which my work is identified, I like to mix and experiment with several styles depending on each situation. In this way you will be able to enjoy a unique report that reflects your naturalness at all times.

PHOTOGRAPH WITH SEMIPOSADOS. Because there are moments and photographs that require some preparation and advice. During the outdoor sessions and in the post-wedding report, I will help you show your best always in the most spontaneous way.

PHOTOPERIODISM The naturalness and the most daily moments of that day must have a great role in your wedding photographs. During the ceremony and throughout the celebration that will come later, I will capture your essence, your spontaneity and all the emotions that will arise between you and your guests.

By combining these two great styles I will be able to treasure in each image your personality at the same time as your most flattering side, with a few minimal touches to maintain your essence in each image.

And why artisan of light? Because in each photograph you will enjoy a visual spectacle of light and shadow, color and black and white photos that will highlight those small details that define you.

After a while, you will recall that intense and exciting day contemplating your wedding photographs.

FdB certified photographer

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