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Andrés Preumayr




1 2020

Certificate from: 7 / Dec / 2018

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Photography is my way of seeing the world, the medium I choose to tell stories and immortalize moments that deserve to be remembered.

I was born in a family of artists, and thanks to that I enjoy photography since I was 6 years old, a game that gradually determined a way of life. Passionate about photojournalism and photographic art, he was my hobby for many years while I worked in different organizations as a Bachelor of Business Administration.
In 2011 I left everything to travel, and since 2012 I dedicate myself exclusively to photography, a passion that continues to grow over the years.

Despite my low profile, over time I learned to show my work without fear and share what I like to do, even encouraging me to participate in national and international competitions. In 2017 I had the honor of being chosen as the official wedding photographer of Leo Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo, who definitely marked a before and after in my career, although not in my values ​​or in my way of working. As a very special year gold brooch, I was surprised to be chosen within the Top 10 Wedding Photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an international organization that especially rewards spontaneity in wedding photography.

I greatly enjoy sharing my passion with colleagues from different corners of the country and other countries, convinced of the importance of adding together and never stop learning.

I am, in short, a grateful one from life for doing what I like ... and above all I can share it!

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