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The most popular aesthetic treatments that the bride and groom perform before the wedding and the diet that they follow

Posted by: admin on June 17, 2021
aesthetic treatment before the wedding
Photograph of Miguel Bolaños

Part of wedding preparations, consists of the aesthetic treatments that brides usually take , and even the bride and groom, to look radiant and spectacular on their big day.

It is very common for the couple before getting married to try to diet by eating healthy foods accompanied by exercise routines that help them tone their figure, as well as everything corresponding to improve the appearance of their skin and hair.

In this post we will discuss the most popular pre-wedding aesthetic treatments y healthy diets to be spectacular at these important events. 

It is important to keep in mind that these treatments are not only used by future spouses, they are also widely used by bridesmaids, guests, bridesmaids and any woman who wants to look beautiful and attractive.

Some popular beauty treatments before weddings

1.- FaceUp

It's a facial treatment that focuses on improving the general appearance of the face, in order to make it look radiant, giving a younger and fresher appearance in just 30 minutes.

The treatment combines hyaluronic acid and tightening threads, and provides excellent results at the end of the session. It is advisable to do it approximately one month before the event to appreciate its best results.

2.- The facial peeling 

It is one of the most requested treatments before a wedding, as it offers an immediate rejuvenating effect on the face.

It has the advantage that it can be applied to almost any type of skin, even if the skin has spots, dehydration, acne, etc.

This type of facials They allow to recover the luminosity of the skin and there are different types, which are adjusted to the needs of each skin. It is important to note that this type of procedure is complemented with facial masks to hydrate.

3.- Eyebrow Design

In a specialized aesthetic center, they will be able to shape your eyebrows that most flatters your face so that the look stands out. 

This type of design includes the possibility of filling in cases where they are sparsely populated. It's about a aesthetic treatment on high demand before a wedding.

Photography Marc Prades

4.- Blepharoplasty

It is a treatment aimed at eliminating dark circles and significantly improving the appearance of the eyes and gaze. 

Definitely the eyes represent a very important element in the face, therefore, all the necessary care must be carried out to offer a beautiful appearance.

This type of procedure avoids having to undergo surgery and the bags under the eyes that give a haggard appearance are effectively eliminated. To do this, he resorts to the use of facial filler products, quickly, without causing pain, and with impressive results that will highlight a beautiful look.

5.- Dermofine

It is a treatment focused on improving the appearance around the mouth, eliminating any wrinkles that may arise.

It consists of a combination of techniques, including chemical peeling and dermabrasion, which serve to eliminate expression lines in the perioral area, with the advantage of regenerating the skin that surrounds it, making it look rejuvenated.

6.- Relaxing Massage

It's a highly recommended treatment for both grooms, in order to offer you total relaxation and relaxation.conectarid of the stress that can cause wedding preparations.

7.- Bioplasty

It represents a very innovative way in terms of facial aesthetic treatment refers, it allows to reshape the facial contour without resorting to surgery. With this, the volume that has decreased over the years can be recovered.

It represents a safe treatment, performed in 30 minutes, does not require rest and offers immediate results. 

best wedding report
Photography Eduardo Blanco

8.- Teeth whitening

It's a aesthetic treatment very in trend that offers to wear a beautiful smile for the moment to say yes.

And not just for the bride and groom, since we all love to show off well-groomed white teeth. Particularly the wedding day It will be full of emotions and many photographs where it will be important to show off the best of smiles. It should be noted that this type of procedure must be performed by professionals.

9.- Microfoam

It is a treatment to improve the appearance of the legs in terms of varicose veins, it consists of introducing a substance into the vein that promotes its elimination, without pain and with definitive results. No anesthesia is required or hospitalization required, as it is an outpatient procedure.

Obviously all these Treatments are great resources to help you improve the appearance of the skin, but it is most advisable to take precautions from a young age to avoid expression lines and wrinkles, maintaining hydration, cleaning and sun protection routines, to minimize the damage caused by the passage of time.

It is worth mentioning that, in sites such as Estética Premium, you can find all the treatments of skin preparation what you might need for look really radiant on your wedding day

Ideas and care before the wedding
Photography Marc Prades

Healthy eating followed by girlfriends and boyfriends

Carry one healthy and balanced diet should be everyone's goal, but particularly for a bride who is in the preparations for her wedding and that you need to look spectacular on your big day. It represents a necessity and a complement to all your aesthetic and exercise routines.

On a good nutrition Part of the fact of being in good health and transmitting from and inside to the physical exterior the results of good nutrition, which is reflected in the freshness of the skin, the shine of hair, nails and even energy with which we carry out our activities.

Particularly for the bride and groom, it is necessary that they wear a healthy diet to help them deal with all the commitments and stress that the wedding organization, as well as, reaching an optimal physical state, which probably includes the loss of a few kilos.

It will be advisable to resort to resources such as meal replacements such as those offered by Dieta Exante, which are specially designed to help achieve an ideal weight, acting as a complement to exercise routines and healthy diets.

For all of the above, it is best to get in control with a nutritionist who determines the most appropriate diet for your body and lifestyle.

Following the most popular aesthetic treatments that brides and grooms have before the wedding and the feeding that they follow, presented throughout this post, you can look spectacular on your big day. Successes!

Photography Gabriel Monsalve (Monsa Productions)

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