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Save the Weddings

Posted by: admin on 26 February 2021

Every year, more than 130.000 couples decide to get married in Spain, generating a direct business volume of approximately 4.000 million and approximately 350.000 jobs.

The FdB collective requests, on behalf of the more than 400 professionals registered on the web portal, clear and stable regulations, a tax incentive plan for couples and a program of economic contributions for the sector.

Consequences of the COVID-19 crisis in the bridal sector:
In 2020, of all the weddings initially planned, less than 20% were celebrated, a sudden setback for the bridal market that resulted in huge losses and the closure of many companies in the sector.

Thousands of couples who planned to get married in 2020 had to postpone the date until 2021, adding their wedding to the events already planned for this year. Currently, all these couples look at the calendar with uncertainty, because due to the continuous and abrupt changes in regulations, they do not know if they will be able to celebrate their union, even with serious psychological consequences.

Organizing a wedding in compliance with current sanitary restrictions and measures requires a lot of preparations and involves many companies, so the situation of constant uncertainty It is having serious repercussions on all operators in the sector.

The industry can't afford another canceled wedding season and postponed, since the companies that have weathered this last year of crisis are in an extremely delicate situation: for many of them, the last weddings date back to the 2019 season.

What do we ask?

  • Clear and stable legislation: A national plan with a schedule to establish periods in which weddings are allowed and clear restrictions based on the epidemiological situation. Establish, for example, three types of celebration depending on the situation at all times, clearly defining: limitation of guests according to the characteristics of the space, number of diners per table, services that can be used, etc ... In this way, professionals and couples Interested parties will be able to work together taking into account the different possible scenarios but making reference to durable legislation.
  • Protocol for safe wedding celebration at the national level: Specific measures to work safely in the organization of events. We propose to evaluate new innovative measures for security celebrations.
  • Tax incentives For couples- A tax incentive program for couples planning to marry in the next three years to revive demand in the industry for a period long enough to allow companies to recover.
  • Aid plan to the bridal sector: A special aid plan for companies in the bridal sector that lost more than 50% of their turnover in 2020 and that see their turnover in 2021 at risk. It is necessary to stop the impoverishment of the sector's business fabric, with a plan that encourages companies to continue their business with subsidies, amnesties in state, regional and municipal taxes, the extension of the grace periods of credits guaranteed by the State and aid to accelerate the digital transformation of companies.

The wedding industry and interested couples come together to find a solution to this crisis to overcome it together. If you think the government should honor our requests, feel free to sign and share this petition.

Let's save the wedding industry together!

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