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Giacomo Giannelli Photographer

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Música favorita: Many music i prefer but high quality song for example: Pink Floyd, Marillion, Alan Parson Project, Mark Knofler, Dire Straits etc.
Película favorita: Titanic, Reds, Il Padrino, Colazione da Tiffany, all film of Kubrich, Sci-fi and BBC documentary
Disponibilidad a viajar: En toda Europa


«I love photography, I love photographing,
hold the camera in your hand,
playing with the shots and with the light.
I love living a wonderful day with you
and leave you an enchanting and indelible memory over time! »

I have lived behind a target and a crosshair for over twenty years now.
My curiosity and desire to experiment has meant that the service
offered both unique and unrepeatable.
It doesn’t matter to get bored with technical stories and boring promises,
many already know me,
from the sports, membership, theater, fashion and wedding sectors.
What you want is my main goal:
Images that tell and revive the intensity of the moments!
My desire?

Tell a piece of your story and imprint it forever!


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Dirección: +39833588839
Zip: 73040
País : Italy
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