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The FdB Awards Book

We are super happy to announce the new edition of the FdB Awards books and we want to share the joy with you. It has been a long and complex job but we feel that it is worth doing. We believe that it is an important contribution to wedding photography, a way of raising it to the artistic and cultural level it deserves.

Books are the means of transmission culture and art, we want the wedding photography to be seen like this. We want to explain the importance of this discipline in people's lives. Publishing a book like this is a source of pride for our collective.

Making a book is a great effort on several levels: design, editing and distribution. We have been dreaming about it for a long time and we have finally found a way to make it a reality thanks to the help of a great international company: Graphistudio. 

In collaboration with Graphistudio

At the beginning of June 2022 we will receive 40 copies of the books. Thanks to a collaboration with the laboratory Graphistudio We achieve the printing of a high-quality book with a rigid cover, 200g patinated paper and more than 200 pages in 30x20cm format. These copies are now available to the public at a special price.

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Much more than a business card

The FdB Awards book can be a very effective marketing tool. Showing this publication to your potential clients will have an effect infinitely superior to a brochure. It is not about showing off an award, but about making people understand the value of wedding photography.

It is a valuable document that reflects the talent of the collective's wedding photographers. A book to see and share with people who love art and photography.

All the awarded photos in the last years

This edition we did things big: there are two books that contain all the individual photos and the award-winning reports in the years 2020 and 2021. One book includes all the award-winning images of the individual category and the second all the reports of the category Wedding Story.

Being an edition that includes two years, the books are in a larger format of 20x30cm. The rigid cover makes them more resistant to the passage of time and the 150g paper allows photos to be printed with excellent quality. All this has increased the cost of printing, but we think it's worth it.

Limited edition: a unique document

This edition comes with a limited number of copies. They are books of the highest quality on the market and a unique document. This common effort is good for all, publicizing the talent of photographers will help the couple to better value their photos.

Special promotion last copies

Save more than 40%

Book characteristics: 200 pages, 30x20cm format and 150 g paper with indigo printing. rigid lid.

You will receive the books directly at your home within a few days, with free shipping throughout Spain, 5 euro in Europe and 10 euro worldwide.

individual photographs€55 €39
Wedding Story€65 €45
individual + Wedding Story€120 €70
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