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FdB Awards

wedding photographers trophy 2019

Every three months an international jury rewards the best photographs and the best wedding reports.

Excellence in wedding photography

We reward the most impressive, emotional and innovative photographs in order to enhance the talent of their authors. The FdB Awards competition dignifies wedding photography recognizing the artistic, technical and human value in this field. It is a tool that pushes photographers in their evolution.

The jury is composed of international photographers among the most recognized in the sector. Award-winning photographs represent the highest expression in wedding photography. They are a source of inspiration for couples looking for the perfect report to document their wedding.

Award-winning photographs


We select some of the most recognized photographers worldwide to be part of the jury. In each round there is at least one female photographer among the judges to ensure a fair evaluation of the photos.

More than 8.000 euros in physical prizes for the winners

Individual photo category awards:

First prize:

  • Digital camera Fujifilm X100F (Valued € 1399)
  • 1,000 euros to invest in products alboom
  • Studio flash Godox MS300
  • X2T trigger. Model to choose between Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus-Panasonic, Fuji or Pentax.
  • A license Dotphoton Raver valued at 149 $

From 2º to 4º Classified:

  • One year of SmartAlbums software license plus one year of cloud service plus one year of SmartSlides Pro plan offered by Pixellu
  • 50% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers of Arcadina
  • 500 euros to invest in products alboom
  • A license Dotphoton Hard-working Pro valued at 49 $

From 5º to 7º Classified:

  • One year license of SmartSlides Pro software from Pixellu
  • 30% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers Arcadina
  • 400 euros to invest in products alboom

From 7º to 10º Classified:

  • 50% discount on any annual plan of Pixellu (Smart Album - Smart Slides) for one year.
  • 20% discount on the annual fee of any plan of the Webs for photographers of Arcadina
  • 1 product year “Pro Site” or 1 year “Clicster CRM” of alboom

Wedding Story category awards:

The classification of the Wedding Story category is different and independent of the classification of the category of individual photographs. In each round the report that has been ranked first receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other winning reports are worth 1 point. The photographers add the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual prize.

First prize:

  • An album Story Book 40 × 30 from Graphistudio printed with the winning photographs (20 pag.)
  • A flash Godox V850ii
  • A license Dotphoton Raver valued at 149 $

Second prize:

  • Un Amalfi panel by Graphistudio 71x53cm (photo 51 × 33)
  • A license Dotphoton Hard-working pro valued at 49 $

Third award:

  • 10 Magazine A4 format (skateboard, max 40 pag)
  • A license Dotphoton Hard-working pro valued at 49 $

How to participate?

To participate the first requirement is to be part of the FdB certified photographers. Can request your certification in this link. Certified photographers can send a maximum of 15 photos not previously won by other contests.

Participants will send their photos through the form on the web, in the period established in the calendar. Each of the photographs will be reviewed to confirm that they meet the established requirements.

Evaluation Modality

The images will be renamed, mixed randomly and sent to the jury formed by three renowned foreign photographers. The three judges will independently choose among the admitted photographs a number of photos they consider worthy of the prize.

The photographs chosen by a greater number of judges become part of the winning selection. The professional who at the end of the year has received a greater number of awards will be named «Photographer of the Year».

Read the Complete Contest Rules

Upcoming calls:

Round 18: from 5 to 15 December 2019

Round 19: from 1 to 15 March 2020

Round 20: from 1 to 15 June 2020

Round 21: from 1 to 15 September 2020

All winning photographs appear in the book
Available the Book of Prizes FdB 2019 The book published by Graphistudio consists of 194 color pages with all the 341 winning photographs of the 2019. Twelve international judges have selected these images among the more than 4,000 received. An essential book for anyone who wants to understand modern wedding photography. FdB Awards is an initiative of the collective Photographers of ...


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