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Wedding Story round 22

Posted by: admin on 22 February 2021

Wedding Stories winners of the FdB Awards contest

Wedding Story is the contest that rewards the best set of pictures. The most brilliant collections of photographs taken during a wedding day. These awarded works represent excellence in storytelling. Through this category you can learn more about how each photographer uses narrative resources to tell a story in images.

Rules: the photos have all been taken during the wedding day by a single photographer. It is not allowed to include pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions. Each report consists of a maximum of 20 photographs.


1º Position Wedding Story: Reyes and Richard

Photographer: Pedro Alvarez

246 points

1º Position Wedding Story #22: Kings and Richard


The wedding of Kings and Richard

The preparations were at Finca Yanes, the place where the celebration would later take place. With a small paragraph for the religious ceremony in the Sanctuary of the Virgen de las Nieves, place where the patron saint of the island of La Palma lives. A very beautiful ceremony, in which the children marked a predominant note and in which it was impossible not to pay attention to them. In turn, and for formal reasons because Richard was a policeman, they made the exit of sabers that attracts so much attention in these acts. That if, accompanied by the spontaneity of the children who could not wait to throw the rice. 

Returning to the Finca to continue with the wedding celebration, there were many special moments. Among them I am left with the moment when Richard gives his baby a bottle while entertaining him with cartoons. The complicated thing about this wedding, without a doubt, was the lighting. Working with two or three flashes in almost all the scenes that the lack of light required ... something that I personally love and see naturally. That is why I place them strategically and activate them as I need them. 

Wedding venue: Yanes Farm

Wedding planner: Sara Jurado. Event organization

2º Position Wedding Story:P&S

Photographer: Andreu Doz

240 points

2º Position Wedding Story #22: P&S

3º Position Wedding Story: Rachel and Oscar

Photographer: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

236 points

TOP Wedding Story: Sienna and Charles

Photographer: Miguel Bolaños

235 points

TOP Wedding Story #22: Sienna and Charles

TOP Wedding Story: Maria Jose and Josema

Photographer: Miguel Bolaños

234 points

TOP Wedding Story#22: M Jose and Juanma


TOP Wedding Story: Xavi and Laia

Photographer: Marc Prades

230 points

Laia & Xavi's wedding


Wedding l'Orangerie de Clos Barenys

He had heard of the Orangerie by Clos Barenys, a place where I really wanted to have a wedding and finally arrived, I could not have better hosts, Xavi and Laia, an emotionally perfect couple, laughs, surprised faces, hugs, a lot of love, I appreciate each other and very esteemed and they love their friends and family.

Everyone changes with their friends, they look at the dress, they get excited, they get upset, they play with each other, and everyone has a great time, what a good way to start! Afterwards, everyone goes to the beach at Port Calafat, Mediterranean in its purest form, we couldn't spend it better, each speech surpassed the previous one, the faces of Xavi and Laia were to frame.

And then we go back to the Orangerie, they made us sweat, they with an impressive body rhythm did not stop dancing, hugging their loved ones and also crying.



TOP Wedding Story: Pilar and Paco

Photographer: Eduardo Blanco

226 points

TOP Wedding Story: Naia and Javi

Photographer: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

218 points

TOP Wedding Story: N and J

Photographer: Andreu Doz

217 points

TOP Wedding Story: N&J #22

TOP Wedding Story: Paula and Cristian

Photographer: Roberto Montorio

214 points

Paula and Cristian's wedding

Makeup and Hairdressing: Adrian Camacho, María José Acero Stylists, domens

Church: San Cayetano, Zaragoza

Restaurant: Ebro Space

Wedding dress: Rosa Clara

Photo booth: Zaragoza photo booth

Decoration: Made With Love Events

Photograph: Roberto Montorio Photography y Alexandra Lacosta

TOP Wedding Story: Celia and David

Photographer: Miguel Onieva

210 points

The wedding of Celia and David

Saturday 12 2019 October
Place: Valdeverdeja (a town with a very special charm) province of Toledo, Community of Castilla - La Mancha
Religious ceremony in the parish of San Blas de Valdeverdeja (Toledo)
Celebration on the farm "Palmeral Resort" in Gamonal (Toledo)
Celia and David are a very special couple, they ooze naturalness and authenticity in what they do, from the first moment they trusted my vision as a photographer for their wedding day.
Throughout the day, emotions were on the surface, tears and smiles visited many of those present with a good taste because it was a wedding full of real and unique moments.
One of the ones that flowed the most was the party ... who doesn't like a good party, because at Celia and David's wedding it was no less, dances, drinks, laughter and a very good vibes from the first to the last moment.

Groom's Suit: Angel Rivas (shop in Talavera)

Wedding Dress: Rocio Dominguez (dressmaker in Calera y Chozas) 

Bridal shoes: H&M (it was the only place where I found them in garnets) and Converse shoes for the dance, Izaskun gave them to me.

Hairdresser: a cousin of David, Esther. 
Makeup: Arancha Barbera aesthetic y Tattoo (Calera). 

Flowers, bouquet and detallis one of the guests: Flores Ortiz (Talavera) 

Wedding Rings: Rubí Jewelry (Talavera) 

String Trio: Maestoso Finca Enclave: Palmeral Resort 

Invitations: our friend Javi made them.

Honeymoon Trip: Nautalia Viajes.


Round 22 Judges

Donatella Barbera (Italy)

Mauricio Arias (USA)

John Palacios (Colombia)

Classification Wedding Story round 22

The category classification Wedding Story it is distinct and independent of the classification of the category of individual photographs. The story ranked first receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other awarded reports receive 1 point. Photographers add up the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual award.

4 points: Pedro Alvarez, Andreu Doz (3 + 1)
3 points: Jose Ignacio Ruiz (2 + 1)
2 points: Miguel Bolaños (1 + 1)

1 point: Marc Prades, Eduardo Blanco, Roberto Montorio, Miguel Onieva



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