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Wedding Story Round 20

Posted by: admin on 22 July 2020

Wedding reports that tell precious stories

Wedding story is the contest that rewards the best set of pictures. The most brilliant collections of photographs taken during a wedding day. These awarded works represent excellence in storytelling. Through this category you can learn more about how each photographer uses narrative resources to tell a story in images.

Rules: The photos have all been taken on the wedding day by a single photographer. It is not allowed to include pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions. Each report is made up of a maximum of 20 photographs.



1st Place Wedding Story: Pier and Diane

Photographer: Miguel Bolaños

167 points


2nd Place Wedding Story

Photographer: Andreu Doz

154 points

3rd Place Wedding Story: Andressa and Luis

Photographer: Wellington Fugisse

141 points

Top Wedding Story: David and Azahara

Photographer: Ismael sanchez

139 points


David and Azahara married on one of the hottest days of the summer, we exceeded 40 degrees, but that did not prevent it from being a cool wedding.

The groom got dressed in Villalpando, we really enjoyed his house, the day offered us an incredible light. The light, as you tell a photograph, is one of our strengths, managing light to make some creative wedding photographs. The wedding was in San Pedro de Latarce, a small town in Valladolid with a special charm. After the groom went to look for the bride at his house, a nice wedding traditionWe approached the town hall, where the ceremony was held.

There was not a soul in the room, no guest wanted to miss the wedding in San Pedro de Latarce and I am not surprised, it was a emotional wedding. He banquet was held at La Casona de Andrea in Tiedra (Valladolid) Hold a wedding in La Casona de Andrea, is to organize a unique event, a huge farm, surrounded by nature and green areas. Tiedra, is one of the few places in Spain that grow lavender, if you catch the time when it is blooming, surely you have some very colorful wedding photographs.

One of the most important moments of the day was, seeing David driving a classic car, one of his great dreams fulfilled, as we photographers enjoy in the classic car weddings. During the meal, moments of all kinds passed, it was an exciting wedding, it shows that their family and friends love them and it does not surprise me.
(From Isma Sanchez's blog)



Top Wedding Story:

Photographer: Edward Banga

136 points

Top Wedding Story: Mercedes and Demetrio

Photographer: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

129 points

Top Wedding Story:

Photographer: Miguel Angel Muniesa

125 points

Top Wedding Story: Anita and Breno

Photographed: Wellington Fugisse

124 points

Top Wedding Story: Ana and Rafa

Photographer: Jordi Mora

122 points

The wedding was held at the hotel Casa Irene, which is located at the foot of Montarto (Vall d'aran), Pyrenees
Ana and Rafa are a super nice and fun couple, eager to share the moment with their friends and family that for them was the most important thing because their love extends to all those who accompany them on the road. and daring 100%

It was a wedding where emotions were very constant, where friendships had a great role. It was a real party from start to finish. to take into account that in this tb series is what was my first photo awarded at FDB coinciding with the connect 2019.


Top Wedding Story: Andrea and Bruna

Photographer: Simona cancelli

122 points

Top Wedding Story: Yolanda and Manuel

Photographer: Weak

121 points

October 19, 2019, has been a date that has been marked on my retina for an endless number of reasons and circumstances, and all of them related to wedding Yolanda and Manuel.

This couple, today, I can say that I have a special appreciation and affection for them, no longer for having been their wedding photographer, but in a more personal way. they are already part of my souvenirs shop and from my friends.

The day started nervous, it was felt every time you looked at the sky and you bet if it would rain or the sun would rise. That indecision was maintained throughout the morning because the same slight streaks of sun came out that you saw how the sky was overcast until the chiribiri was noticed falling while I photographed.

However, both Yolanda and Manuel did not worry about the possibility that it could rain. They wanted to enjoy, they wanted to live it in the purest way and they made their wedding a tremendous climate of happiness and fun.

For days like this, I consider myself lucky to be Wedding Photographer and turn an image into a memory that makes them remember that day of so much complicity among the boyfriends and the guests.
(Of the Fraco's blog)

Round 20 Judges

Mika Alvarez (Uruguay)

Nathan Sans (Barcelona)

Katrin Kullemberg (Germany)

Wedding Story round 20 ranking

The Wedding Story category rating is distinct and independent of the individual photo category rating. The report classified in first place receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other awarded reports receive 1 point. Photographers add up the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual award.

4 points:
Miguel Bolaños

3 points:
Andreu Doz
Wellington Fugisse (2 + 1)

1 point:
Isma sanchez
Edu banga
Jose Ignacio Ruiz
Miguel Angel Muniesa
Jordi Mora
Simona cancelli



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