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Wedding Story round 23

Posted by: admin on 29 May 2021

Wedding Stories winners of the FdB Awards contest

Wedding story is the contest that rewards the best set of pictures. The most brilliant collections of photographs taken during a wedding day. These reports selected by the jury represent all the talent and narrative capacity of their authors. Through this category you will be able to learn more about each photographer, how he uses narrative resources to tell a story in images.

Rules: the photos have all been taken during the wedding day by a single photographer. It is not allowed to include pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions. Each report consists of a maximum of 20 photographs.

1st Place Wedding Story: Mayte and Javier

Photographer: Weak

280 points

2nd Place Wedding Story: Albert and Pili

Photographer: Marc Prades

275 points

3rd Place Wedding Story: J and D

Photographer: Andreu Doz

270 points

Top Wedding Story: Cris and Jose

Photographer: Roberto Montorio

255 points

Top Wedding Story: M + B

Photographer: Miguel Angel Muniesa

255 points

Top Wedding Story: Neus and Albert

Photographer: Marc Prades

255 points

Top Wedding Story: Vega and Antoni

Photographer: Miguel Onieva

240 points

Top Wedding Story: Desire and Andrés

Photographer: Pedro Alvarez

230 points

Top Wedding Story: Macarena and David

Photographer: Jose Ingacio Ruiz

230 points

Top Wedding Story: Inma and Alberto

Photographer: Gabriel Monsalve

225 points

Round 23 Judges:

Erin chrisman
Ariel Haber
Jesus Ochoa

Wedding Story round 23 ranking

The Wedding Story category rating is distinct and independent of the individual photo category rating. The report classified in first place receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other awarded reports receive 1 point. Photographers add up the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual award.

4 points: Weak, Marc Prades (3 + 1)
3 points: Andreu Doz
1 point: Roberto Montorio, Miguel Onieva, Michelangelo Muniesa, Pedro Alvarez, Jose Ignacio Ruiz, Gabriel Monsalve

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