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Posted by: admin on April 29, 2020

Wedding reports that tell precious stories

Wedding story rewards the best wedding stories. A new category of the contest that highlights the collections of photographs of a single wedding. These reports have been selected by an international jury and represent the best expression of the talent of their authors. The different Wedding Story allow you to learn more about how each photographer uses the narrative resources to tell a story with several images.


What makes this event unique is its rules: the photos must have been taken all on the wedding day by a single photographer. Pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions are not allowed. Each report is made up of only 20 photographs that narrate the story of this day.



1st Place Wedding Story: Maud and Manu

Photographer: Andreu Doz

25,5 points (Jorge Romero 9 + Melissa Suneson 9,5 + Samo Rovan 7)


2nd Place Wedding Story: Elena and Sergio

Photographer: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

25 points (9 Jorge Romero + 9,5 Melissa Suneson + 6,5 Samo Rovan)

Each couple, each wedding is always special to us as photographers… In this case, I was sure that covering my partner Elena's link was going to be a most exciting experience. From the first moment you told me about your Country rock wedding in the Sierra de Madrid. I knew I had the confidence and flexibility of a friend. He had more than ever the responsibility and obligation to make a photographic report that surprised her. And that, with more than a hundred weddings behind us, was not going to be easy for me. Perhaps for this reason, I teamed up with our friend and great professional David Béjar, who came from the Canary Islands to help me tell this story better.

Rural wedding in La Casona del Valle

Elena and Sergio prepared a country rock wedding in the Sierra de Madrid. Finally the day came to celebrate the rural wedding in The Valley House. The Sierra mountains were full of snow and the sky was covered with gray clouds. Little by little, the guests began to arrive and they were looking out the window of the log cabin. There, Silvia Orozco, Elena's friend, made up and combed her hair. Friends were entering between beers, laughter and good vibes.

It was time to dress together at last. Sergio helped Elena put on her beautiful dress, designed by herself. They helped each other get dressed. They did it slowly, delicately ... Our cameras were able to capture that great complicity. The bride was spectacular and sensual before her partner, who watched her attentively and silently.

Civil wedding in the Sierra de Madrid

Garganta de los Montes, a small town in the Sierra de Madrid was the perfect hideaway to gather all your family and friends. Many of them participated in the ceremony and we were able to capture some moments of true emotion and affection towards the bride and groom. A friend of the gang was in charge of leading the ceremony and some of his family and childhood friends jumped up to improvise a few words to the bride and groom.

During the couple session, Sergio and Elena gave themselves a walk alone, calm in the green spaces of this farm for weddings. They took advantage of that little while to kiss, hug and share a cigarette to assimilate everything they had just experienced ... They looked so happy, so excited ...

Country rock wedding in the Sierra de Madrid

Meanwhile, the guests took refuge in the warmth of the fireplace in La Casona del Valle. The cocktail had already started. Since the wedding began we realized that we have never seen so many beers per square meter at a wedding. It was a lot of young people and you could tell they wanted to have a great time. We liked the mix of country wedding with the turn she was taking until she became a true rock wedding.

One of the most special moments of the day was when the bride and groom gave their guests a live music concert. The band "RockCabin" sang live rock classics and Spanish music and made us all dance. But the surprises were not over yet ... Sergio had been rehearsing with his musician friends the favorite song of his girl. Singing it live on this unique day made Elena even more excited. She could not believe that her boyfriend was interpreting «At the end", from Búnbury, before her and the rest of the guests.

Afterward, the party continued with dancing. Laughter, revelry, toast, true love in every hug, good friendship in every smile ...
Just as Elena told me that she would like it to be her wedding.

Thank you very much for all companion.

Thanks also to friend David Béjar, always a pleasure to be able to work with him again.

(From José Ignacio Ruiz's blog)

3rd Place Wedding Story: Alex and Conchi

Photographer: Miguel Bolaños

24,5 points (8,5 Jorge Romero + 9 Melissa Suneson + 7 Samo Rovan)

Álex and Conchi are a fun and simple couple from Alicante, who did not want a boring or protocol wedding, but a wedding designed to spend a day together with the people they love, with lots of fun and excitement in abundance. In short ... a wedding to enjoy and have a good time

They decided to celebrate their wedding at Finca Villa Vera, located in the heart of Alicante's Vega Baja, it is a property with characteristics that make it unique.

The day started very early and we accompanied the couple since they got to dress and put makeup on the farm itself. Here everything was developed, so the comfort for them and the guests was maximum by avoiding the much-feared displacements and last-minute rush.

They decided that they wanted to be with their friends and family from minute one of the preparations, sharing laughter and good vibes, while dressing for their big day. A thousand moments filled our retinas and of course ... our photos. The most important thing in our work is to always be aware of the course of events, of each gesture, of each glance, of each step, leaving everyone to do what they want so as not to alter the atmosphere that surrounds such unrepeatable moments.

The place chosen for the ceremony was a shady area of ​​the estate, perfectly decorated by the La Pergola flower shop, an ideal place to unleash the speeches dedicated to the bride and groom by the closest guests. Speeches, full of anecdotes and real experiences that made all of us present get excited with such beautiful words.

After some beautiful and elegant couple photos to remember, we headed to the party area. A garden with a swimming pool where you can enjoy a wonderful summer night full of stars that lasted until late at night with good music, many chants and full of surprises.

- Provider data:
- Brand / designer suit groom: Carlo Ruzzini
- Brand / designer wedding dress: Rosa Clará
- Brand bride and groom shoes: Carlo Ruzzini & Lodis
- Florist: La Pérgola
- Hairdresser and makeup artist @: María & Cristina Jiménez

Top Wedding Story: Olga and Daniel

Photographer: Rafa Spoon

24 points (9 Jorge Romero + 8 Melissa Suneson + 7 Samo Rovan)

Top Wedding Story: Fani and Pelayo

Photographer: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

23,5 points (8 Jorge Romero + 8,5 Melissa Suneson + 7 Samo Rovan)

Top Wedding Story: Olga and David

Photographer: Pedro Alvarez

23,5 points (8,5 Jorge Romero + 8,5 Melissa Suneson + 6,5 Samo Rovan)

Top Wedding Story # 19: Olga and David

When Olga and David met with me on Skype to meet us and be able to show them more works, one of the things that they were most clear about was having my services for their wedding photography. Of course, I am delighted to accompany you on such a special day.

As the months progressed they told me a little about their wedding so that nothing escaped me. A Russian - Spanish wedding that would be the delight of all of us who were present there.

Just upon my arrival the Wedding Planner, Laura del Adaya Group He informed me of some things, there I realized what awaited me, a full day without stopping and giving everything.

I started with the preparations for both of them since they were dressing in rooms very close to each other, this made this part of the work a lot easier.

The ceremony, performed in the shade of the trees that has the Anzo Hacienda, was carried out by the hand of Davinia de Vidania, master of ceremonies, in a quite entertaining way.

The translation had to be done from Russian to Spanish and from Spanish to Russian, so that everything doubled for two of the most entertaining ceremonies I have attended.

Tears of memories: They were the predominant note of the ceremony, remembering great moments and enjoying the emotions to which those moments transported them, some also stayed behind the camera, something inevitable in these events. With the RED THREAD ritual, a ritual that I love for its meaning, it is not the first time that I see it, but it always makes my hair stand on end.

This wedding made in Gran Canaria, It was not an excuse for his family and friends not to be present. I love that distance is never an excuse to accompany the people you love at all times, and even more so, being so intimate and special.

After the ceremony, a small pose to give the guests time to enjoy the cocktail, and then eat. It was at that moment, the one I took advantage of to go to the bathroom ... why do I tell this? Because there were two empty Vodka bottles in the same bathroom. It was there that I realized that the night was going to be long and quite lively. And it was, boy, it was.

After dinner everything went off, the emotions continued to flourish and everyone began to enjoy a night full of known songs (just for them, they are a very close group) and I couldn't stop shooting. Moments everywhere, throwing David and Olga into the air, a bull to scare more than one, dance, music and lots of fun.

When I kept the cameras I could not believe it ... what an incredible day, even the boyfriends ended up in the water, although this time it did not go beyond their ankles.

I have no words of thanks to this incredible couple, with whom I also enjoyed a post wedding in Tenerife, although that is another story.
Thank you very much for everything Olga and David, I hope that our paths cross very soon, I will love to see you again and share another coffee accompanied by a great talk ... a huge hug.

Wedding Planner: Adaya Group
Master of ceremonies: Davinia de Vidania
Florist: Conchi, by Flores Jara
Venue / Venue location: Hotel Hacienda de Anzo

(From Pedro Álvarez's blog)

Top Wedding Story: M and J

Photographer: Hey Aso

23 points (8,5 Jorge Romero + 8,5 Melissa Suneson + 6 Samo Rovan)

Today we bring you with a lot of nerves and you win one of the wedding more cinematographic that we have photographed and filmed! Following the fact that Ivonna, the bride, a year and a half before getting married saw on our video website THE NORTH OWL el epic wedding teaser from our friend Nico, he discovered both our way of watching wedding videos and our way of telling stories with photography in ARTIFOTO and remained, in his words, captivated by our style, our light and our color. Among hundreds of photographers and videographers and thanks to google they chose us to move us to the beautiful town in the south of France called Saint Martory. Ivonna and Jason came from London to this little town with all your family and friends to celebrate your big day. There, in an incredible and majestic beautifully restored castle from the Renaissance period, the entire wedding took place, both the preparations and the ceremony and the treat. How destination photographers and videographers It is always greatly appreciated that the entire wedding is in the same place, and if it is as impressive as the "Chateau de Saint Martory" well ... what more could you ask for ?.

Hello everyone! Today we bring you one of the most cinematic weddings we have ever photographed and filmed! Ivonna, the bride, a year and a half before getting married saw an epic video teaser on our website, and discovered both our type of wedding films and our way of telling stories with our photographic cameras in ARTFOTO and he became in her words, in love with our style, our light and our color. Among hundreds of photographers and videographers and thanks to google they chose us to travel to the beautiful town of southern France called Saint Martory. Ivonna and Jason came from London to this little town with all their family and friends to celebrate their big day.There, in an incredible and majestic castle beautifully restored from the Renaissance period, the entire wedding, both preparations and ceremony and invitation, took place. Ace destination wedding photographers and videographers, it is always very much appreciated that the whole wedding takes place in the same venue, and if it is as impressive as the “Chateau de Saint-Martory” then… what else can you ask for?

Without further ado, we show you a selection of Jason and Ivonna's wedding photos! Not before but infinitely thanking the beautiful Ivonna and her elegant husband Jason for being how they are, a charming, funny, sincere and real couple, with whom we spent one of our best moments of the year!

Also thank the entire team of ARTEFOTO and THE NORTH OWL who portrayed and filmed this wedding and all the collaborators who made it even bigger !!

Photographers; Oier and Nico

Videographers; Iker, Oier and Joseba

Location - Venue; Château Saint Martory

Dress- Dress; Alexandra grecco

Shoes - Shoes; Nicholas Kirkwood

wedding planner; Julie (

Catering & cake; Globe Catering

AcousticBand; The mad socks

Make up & Hair; Karen & Nikki


(From the blog of Oier Aso - Artefotobodas)

Top Wedding Story: Fatima and Fran

Photographer: Gabriel Monsalve

23 points (6,5 Jorge Romero + 9 Melissa Suneson + 7,5 Samo Rovan)

Telling the story of Fatima and Fran through our goals was also a pleasure, a gift for us.
We were joined by a friendship forged by complicity and affection that made us feel special from the beginning and was a great opportunity to share one of their most special days surrounded by family and friends ...
They prepared everything with care and surrounded themselves with wonderful people so that everything would be perfect that day, seeing them enjoy the process, the details they prepared, the enthusiasm with which they told us everything, the nerves they felt because everything was arranged and the Enclave that they chose for their wedding, the Señorío de Nevada, one of the most beautiful we have been to, also in Granada, that marvel of a city that for us is a special place, full of magic, friends and good memories.
This wedding was held on July 20 and regardless of the site, or the many details of decoration, live music, an incredible dinner, etc ... what we remember most about this wedding is how tremendously emotional it was, we had tears, Laughter, euphoria, jumps, screams, fireworks and hugs, many hugs.
A pleasure to have been able to tell her wonderful story on such a special day, we also appreciate having worked with close people, who inspire and who are pleased to meet such as Ana Auriguiberry (Villa Argaz Eventos), the wedding planner who made everything much easier and many other professionals who added to make this an unforgettable day, so much so that time was short, but the reward before we left was the smile and happiness of the bride and groom when we said goodbye, that hug that we took that simply Summarized in a simple THANK YOU.

Photography: @monsaproducciones - Esther Marín and Gabriel Monsalve

Videography: @monsaproducciones - David Ramos and Gabriel Monsalve

Wedding Planner: @Villaargazeventos - Ana Auriguiberry

Estate: @HaciendaSenorioDeNevada

Earrings / Bracelet / Alliances:

Wedding Dress: @ChantuNoviasGranada

Bridal Shoes: @calzadoscalenda

Bride Headdress: @anamartincomplementospriego

Wedding Bouquets / Floral Decoration: @atrezofloristas

Groom Suit: @PortagoModa

Hairdressing Groom: @peluqueriacaballerosisidro

Top Wedding Story: Patricia and Iñaki

Photographer: Gabriel Monsalve

22,5 points (7 Jorge Romero + 9 MElissa Suneson + 6,5 Samo Rovan)

Top Wedding Story: Olaya and Jaime

Photographer: Marta Monés

21,5 points (9 Jorge Romero + 7,5 Melissa Suneson + 5 Samo Rovan)

Olaya and Jaime have been together for a lifetime and decided to get married in an idyllic setting in the north of Palencia: The Mave Convent.
It was October and everything indicated that it was going to rain ... and so it did, due to the many eggs that the bride's friends brought to Santa Clara, as tradition indicates, to ensure good weather. But far from tarnishing the wedding with the rain, we got a very original photo report.
Olaya used to do her hair and makeup in Saldaña, in the well-known Monica's Hairdresser, a great professional who, whenever we have visited her with one of our girlfriends, has collaborated wonderfully with all her patience and good work on our photographic proposals, then she would go to dress clothed for her family in her hometown, VillaSur, with a simple and elegant pronovias model, very much in keeping with the bouquet that Laura, from Floristería Domi, had prepared with all her dedication.
Meanwhile, Jaime was preparing in Osorno with his family, a town located about 40km away. The distances are a bit complicated, but with the help of my great friend and fellow photographer, Verónica de Vicente, we did not lose detail of each of those beautiful moments prior to the connection of both.
The time comes to leave and despite the downpour that was falling, the entire town of Villasur did not want to miss seeing the bride leave leaving her father's arm.
Jaime arrived at the venue, the imposing Mave Convent, a Hotel with a very special charm, after a while Olaya arrived to witness one of the most beautiful moments of weddings personally: The bride's entrance to the altar to meet again with the boyfriend. Due to the rain, the civil act could not be held in the flowery gardens, but the convent staff improvised a large auditorium in a cozy venue for the celebration.
The ceremony was full of music, laughter and also the odd tear.
After the rice tradition, we took a few moments to take photographs of the newly married couple in the surroundings of the convent, always without forgetting the umbrella, because the rain did not give us a single moment's respite.
Entrance and at lunchtime, we went to the expected banquet, where we did not miss a single detail: toast, gifts, delivery of the bouquet ...
And with a lively and original bridal dance, we gave way to a lively party that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, where we accompanied them until they held our bodies!
A nice day to remember.

Top Wedding Story: V and V

Photographer: Fran Ortiz

21,5 points (8 Jorge Romero + 8 Meslissa Suneson + 6,5 Samo Rovan)

The magic of residing in the city of Granada is, without a doubt, the majesty of the Alhambra with its architecture full of history. The Nasrid monument is visible from almost every corner of «Graná» but, Where can you celebrate your link and be at the foot of a space classified as one of the Wonders of the World?  You have the opportunity to have emblematic places such as the Palacio de los Córdova, La Chumbera or, as our protagonists Inmita & Toledo did, in the Carmen of the Spires.
Many of you know them because they are a musical duo with more than 10 years behind them separately and now with a common project they decided to say yes to the sound of Rock and Roll.
For us it was a pleasure and pride to witness such a wedding, we have always liked weddings full of energy and different, so much so that there was no wedding dance, now there was an open bar open concert like we never had before vivid. Inmita and Toledo They gave us all their best songs. Do not miss how Inmita's wedding dress fits with that characteristic leather jacket of hers. Toledo, a genius with the guitar, since I met him with his group Kronnen, it has always been a luxury to see him perform. I leave you a link with a clip recorded in the well-known Granada ground floor room if you are curious: East of Eden.
Inmita was prepared in the well-known Palace Hotel Casa de los Patos, a small oasis in the heart of Granada. We always advise if you can get dressed in places like this, do not hesitate.
 Any site that is significant for you is welcome for the photography we take, but if places like this accompany us, everything is easier, both for you and for us. Toledo, on the other hand, used the Carmen de los Chapiteles to prepare there, let's not forget that they are musicians, they are used to sound and prepare everything related to microphones, sound, audio, etc ... so Toledo fulfilled the first one preparing everything for the celebration.
I want to thank my partner Angel Blanco for being the other hand on the clock when making the photo report, four eyes see more than two, and this time having their invaluable help was essential. THANK YOU.
In the ceremony we were able to be calm, close, everyone gave us that feeling of knowing them from a lifetime, many words dedicated to the couple that opened us more to them, empathizing and making us enter more and more into their history. At the end of the wedding, concert included we had nothing but words to thank each of the guests for the treatment, the way to make us participate in the whole party and show us that the musicians and people around them are made of one paste different.
We hope that you have been transported to those moments and imagine how well we were doing the photographs of Rocker wedding in El Carmen de los Chapiteles.
Floral decoration was carried out by Monica Florist. 

Wedding Story round 19 ranking

The classification of the Wedding Story category is different and independent from the classification of the Individual Photos category. The report that has qualified in first place receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other awarded reports receive 1 point. Photographers add up the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual award.

4 points:

Jose Ignacio Ruiz-Photoinstantes (3 + 1)
Andreu Doz Photography

2 points:
Miguel Bolaños
Monsa Productions (1 + 1)

1 point:
Marta Monés
Pedro Alvarez
Rafa Spoon
Fran Ortiz



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