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Wedding Story Round 18

Posted by: admin on 12 February 2020
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The Best Wedding Reports

We present Wedding story Wedding stories A new category of the contest that rewards the collections of photographs of a single wedding. These reports have been selected by an international jury and represent the best expression of the talent of their authors. The different Wedding Story allow you to learn more about how each photographer uses the narrative resources to tell a story with several images.

What makes this contest unique are the rules: the photos must have been taken all during the wedding day by a single photographer. It is not allowed to include pre-wedding or post-wedding sessions. Each report consists of only 20 photographs that tell the story of this day.


1st Place Wedding Story: Loreto and Maxim

Photographer: Miguel Bolaños

27 points (Maira Erlich 10 + Giuseppe Genovese 8 + Benjamin Brette 9)

2nd Place Wedding Story: Alba and Hugo

Photographer: José Ignacio Ruiz

24.5 points (8 Maira + 7 Giuseppe + 9.5 Benjamin)

3rd Place Wedding Story: Marta and Javi

Photographer: Marta Monés

24 points (8 Maira + 7 Giuseppe + 9 Benjamin)

Marta and Javi are one of those people who were born to be together. They are fun, affectionate, handsome to rage and radiate happiness on all four sides. Both are pure heart.

Javi was a bunch of nerves. Last night he stayed at the Twist Hotel in Torredonjimeno, the bride's hometown, to fulfill the tradition of sleeping separately on the night of the wedding. When we arrived at the room Javi was a bunch of nerves, accompanied by his mother and his best childhood friend who helped him get dressed, a design by Ramón Sanjurgo bought in the shop El Taller de Regina de Alcalá la Real, Jaén. His hairdresser Ofis Barber, the usual one, Javi does not let his hair be touched by anyone hehe.

Marta was waiting for us in her house much quieter, accompanied by her family and her little Dylan, who did not want to miss a single moment of her mother's preparations giving us unique moments during the wedding day. With a design by Studio San Patrick, also bought at Regina's Workshop, where the mother of the bride chose an elegant Aire Barcelona and the godfather made a signature double with the boyfriend. Veil and headdress of the bride tailored especially for the bride in Regina's own Workshop. Marta kept all her temperance even in the most emotional moments, because as she says "I can more presumed" and would not allow her perfect makeup of Heroca Stylists, but nobody can deny that, like Javi, Marta is pure heart.

From Torredonjimeno we went to the Hotel HO city of Jaén where the civil ceremony would be held. Marta and Javi soon arrived, waiting for the guests and the bridesmaids dressed all of them in a turquoise color. It was August 31 and in the middle of Jaén, 40 degrees could be falling, but the joy and a short and intense ceremony that moved us all made us forget the heat, a ceremony in which laughter and tears were interspersed with the Words from friends and family. The flamenco music of Juan Jesús Flameco Fusión was not lacking that dedicated his moment to fathers, mothers, godfathers and godmothers, moving us all. And of course a very special dedication for the couple!

The perfect organization of the Hotel quickly moved us to a heated room for the celebration of the cocktail and from there to one of the many halls for the banquet, where the spaciousness, lighting and ceiling geometries, were perfect for photography and enjoy a Good and relaxed banquet.

The wedding took place between excitement, fun, gifts for mothers, guest surprises, lots of flamenco and dancing until dawn, where the last scenes are given to us by little Dylan, shot down on one of the sofas after more than 20 hours of celebration I think a perfect image to say goodbye to this great wedding.

(From Marta Monés's blog)

3rd Place Wedding Story: Laura and Miguel

Photographer: José Ignacio Ruiz

24 points (9 Maira + 7 Benjamin + 8 Guseppe)

3rd Place Wedding Story: Vicky and Edu

Photographer: Mle Vidic

24 points (9 Maira + 7 Benjamin + 8 Guseppe)


I want to share with you the beautiful wedding in Fuerte Ventura of Vicki and Edo, a wedding mixed with Italians, Japanese, Argentines and Spaniards surrounded by family and friends who came from many places on the planet.

They are an amazing couple, happy, in love and passionate. Surrounded by friends, they managed to make their wedding day at Cotillo de Fuerte Ventura beach a very charming wedding. They prepared themselves surrounded by their family, who accompanied them with love and helped them to make everything so good this special day for them. Vicky and Edo have two kids who did not miss their wedding day, always present in the wedding report with their parents.

The ceremony was the Cotillo beach, among the yellow sand, facing the turquoise ocean of the Atlantic. The ceremony on a farm near the coast was full of Jazz and good music from live groups. Laughter, tears of joy, emotions and good atmosphere. A luxury to have shared this day with this special couple. Congratulations guys. Grateful forever.

Top Wedding Story: Tamara and Daylo

Photographer: Pedro Alvarez

23 points (8 Maira + 6 Benjamin + 9 Guseppe)

Wedding, held on the island of La Palma and with a very special couple, Tamara and Daylo. A couple who has made their wedding a dream and has given me the opportunity to capture that dream in images, I cannot ask for much more.

When they contacted me to meet us and hire my services, the connection with both of them, and with their dog Dara, was immediate, so that only good things could come out of it, and so it was.

As I said, the location of the wedding was on La Palma Island, with preparations at the Finca de Yanes, ceremony at Our Lady of the Virgin of the Snows and later party and celebration again at the Finca de Yanes. With the great work of Sara Jurado Organization of Events, everything was prepared and measured to the millimeter so that it came out perfect, so it's nice to work.

(Of the Pedro Álvarez's blog)

Top Wedding Story: Maria and José

Photographer: Eduardo Banga

23 points (8 Maira + 7 Benjamin + 8 Guseppe)

Top Wedding Story: A. and N.

Photographer: Andreu Doz

23 points (7 Maira + 7 Benjamin + 9 Guseppe)

Top Wedding Story: E. and A.

Photographer: Edoardo Agresti

22 points (7 Maira + 7 Benjamin + 8 Guseppe)

Top Wedding Story: Marcos and Miriam

Photographer: Alberto Ramirez

22 points (7 Maira + 6 Benjamin + 9 Guseppe)

Top Wedding Story: Txell and Joan

Photographer: Marc Prades

22 points (6 Maira + 7 Giuseppe + 9 Benjamin)

There are weddings that come out better than dreams, that happened to Txell and Juan. They chose a beautiful space, Mas el Cerdà, the birthplace of Ildefons Cerdà, in Centelles, near Granollers, in the middle of nature, where this couple feels best, and accompanied by their inseparable dogs Txipirón and Taima.

While Juan and Txell were preparing for the big moment, the guests were arriving, and the nerves and joy also increased, until the ceremony arrives. The feelings surfaced tears, also shared with smiles, very beautiful moments with the people they love, and with the inseparable Txipirón and Taima. If everything went on wheels, also the show that the sunset gave us from the same was that we had dinner.

A dinner where everyone joined the party of Txell and Juan, a day we will always remember. It 3 August: 33 years of marriage to Txell's parents, Txell's 30th anniversary and their wedding day. What a better day to enjoy this multitude of celebrations!

Congratulations couple, thanks for letting us be with you this great day!
(From the Marc Prades's blog)

Top Wedding Story: Jana and Sergio

Photographer: Michelangelo Muniesa

22 points (7 Maira + 7 Giuseppe + 8 Benjamin)

And the big day arrived and with the long-awaited wedding of Jana and Sergio, a couple who are happy to surround themselves.

The excitement of the day gripped Jana, Sergio and, why not say it, us too. The illusion that they had put in their wedding and the intensity in which they had transmitted it to us so that it could not be otherwise.

Together with Jana and Sergio, accompanying them at their wedding, there were also two little people who made the day even more intense if possible and those little people are, neither more nor less their children, for which the two went out of their way throughout the wedding .

As a differentiating note of the wedding of Jana and Sergio, I have to name their wonderful bridesmaids, who gave a touch of color and joy to their wedding acting as a pineapple both at the time that Jana started the way to the altar, as at some point of madness they gave us during the banquet, such as the moment when Jana was danced by a choreography for Sergio, with which they left us all with their mouths open.

During the cocktail, and how could it be otherwise in a wedding pampered to detail, a cousin of Sergio played Chill-out and electronic music thus encouraging guests who, in addition to loving Jana and Sergio very much, had come to have fun, giving everything at this time and others so much that there was throughout the wedding.

(Of the Miguel Angel Muniesa's blog)

FINCA: Mirahuerta Tower

CATERING: The Bastille

BRIDE SUIT: Alejandro

BRIDE DRESS: Pronovias



BOUQUET: The Florist


Top Wedding Story: Sonia and Jorge

Photographer: Gabriel Monsalve

22 points (7 Maira + 7 Giuseppe + 8 Benjamin)

Wedding Story classification

The classification of the Wedding Story category is different and independent of the classification of the category of individual photographs. The report that has been ranked first receives 4 points, second place 3 points, third place 2 points. The other winning reports are worth 1 point. The photographers add the points received in each of the four rounds to qualify for the annual prize.

5 points:

José Ignacio Ruiz

4 points:

Miguel Bolaños

2 points

Mile Vidic, Marta Monés

1 point:

Pedro Álvarez, Eduardo Banga, Andeu Doz, Edoardo Agresti, Alberto Ramirez, Marc Prades, Miguel Ángel Muniesa, Gabriel Monsalve


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