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FdB Round34 Awards

Published by: Martino on March 21, 2024

Welcome to the FdB Awards, where the art and magic of wedding photography is at its finest. In the individual photography category, we celebrate the ingenuity and creativity of exceptional photographers who capture unique moments in time.

Our three distinguished international judges have meticulously examined each image, seeking perfection in light, composition and timing. Among more than one thousand three hundred photographs submitted, these masterpieces have emerged as the best, standing out for their technical quality, their expressiveness and their artistic skill.

With less than 10% of the images awarded, this selection represents the pinnacle of excellence in wedding photography. Each photograph is a testament to the talent and dedication of the artists who created them.

This year there is a novelty: the photos that are selected by all three judges receive a special mention "TOP" and obtain one and a half points. Photos that are selected by two of the three judges are still worth one point. “TOP” photos are distinguished by an orange circle in the center of the award emblem.

Category Individual Photos


Jury Round 34:

Yonut Poptelecan (Romania)
Denise Motz (Holland)
Yousuke Shimada (Japan)

Round 34 Ranking:

Score in this round

Each photo selected by two of the three judges is worth one point. From this round onwards, the photos selected by all three judges are named "TOP" and are worth one and a half points. The “TOP” photo emblem is distinguished by the orange circle in the center.

Fabbri Barbara6
Gaetano Pipitone4.5
marinaehijos photographer4.5
Noelia Ferrera4
Giuliano Lo Re Photography4
Simona cancelli3.5
Fran Ortiz3
Marc Prades3
David Copado3
Flying Photography (Zhao Fei)3
Ada Maldonado Photography3
Mike Dumonceau3
Dami Sáez Photo2.5
Marco Miglianti2.5
Marta Monés2
photography Ismael Peña (42813)2
Bris lemant2
Raúl Gori Wedding2
Victor Magallon2
jose louis jordan2
Creative Sanchez (Manu)2
Javier Gil Duo Productions (does not have a file)2
Roberto Montorio Photography2
Marcelo Dias de Melo2
Studio 58 (Carmelo Ucchino)1.5
Carmen Queralt – Niagara Blue1.5
Jose Ignacio Ruiz1
Fraco Photo1
Pedro Alvarez1
Alberto Ramirez1
Andreu Doz1
Mile Vidic Gutierrez1
Monsa Productions1
David de Loro1
Santiago Moldes1
Enrique Gil (Extremeño Art)1
David Gil Garcia1
Edoardo Agresti Photographer (s)1
Jorge Elisburu (Natural Summer)1
Andrés Preumayr1
Victor Sarabia Grau PHOTOGRAPHY1
TN Wedding Photography1
photoArt 2c – Eva Calero1
Pablo Bantera1
Chema & Davinci1
Córdoba Photographers, Pedro Marín1
Erika Fayolle Photography1
Adolfosm photographs1
David Arbus1
Adolfo Photographers1
Germán Muñoz (The Big Kiss)1
Pedro Volana – Volana Photography1
Miguel Angel Muniesa1
Chloé Perez Photography1
Raquel Torralba Photography1
Fabio Miglio1


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