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FdB Round 26 Awards

Published by: Martino on March 22, 2022


Category individual photos. FdB Awards. The judges have selected these images among the more than a thousand photos admitted for their technical, artistic and expressive quality. This collection is a sample of excellence in wedding photography. The authors are photographers from Spain and from different parts of the world who demonstrate their ability to capture the light and emotions of the bride and groom.

Award-winning photo gallery:


Round 26 Judges:

Arno de Brujin (Holland)

Blair de laubenfels (United States)

XiangWi (China)

Round 26 Ranking:

Fran Ortiz5
Marc Prades4
Marina Carell4
Sergio Arnés4
Marco Helga4
Estelle Carlier4
Angel Blanco3
Simona cancelli3
Alberto Ramírez Life & Love3
Birds in my head3
Roberto Abril Photography3
Gaetano Pipitone3
Agustin Zurita3
Jose Ignacio Ruiz – Photoinstantes2
Pedro Alvarez2
Eduardo Blanco2
Ismael Pena2
Tamara Hevia Escandon2
Raúl Gori Wedding2
Jorge Elisburu – Natural Summer2
Bris Lemant – Emotional Photography2
Charles of the Source2
Dami Sáez Photo2
David de Loro2
The red thread2
Uliana Yarets | Yarets Studio2
Pepetalamantes photos2
Eva Calero PhotoArt 2c2
Miguel Bolaños1
Fraco Photo1
Miguel Angel Muniesa1
Roberto Montorio1
Denise Motz1
José Manuel Taboada1
Ana Agua1
Antonio Montesinos1
Sergio Aguayo placeholder image1
Andrés Preumayr1
Garate Photography1
Santiago Moldes1
Marta Monés1
Manu galvez1
Andres Gaitan1
Rafa Sanz Photographer1
Digital concept1
Iago Photography and Art1
Claudio P. Photographer1
Ferran M.allOl Lerin1
Gover study1
La Petite photo1
Cocum Pictures1
Miguel Anxo Rivas1
Roberto Concepcion placeholder image1
Moana wu1
Alison bounce1
Jose Cardona Wed1
Cristina Granena1
good nacho1
Luis Alvarez1


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