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1 2020

Certificate from: 19 / Feb / 2018

In all Spain

First of all thank you that you are walking around here, I am a close, respectful and emotional person, in constant growth and training since I think it is essential not to be left behind.

After many years of work that did not finish filling me I decided to take the step forward thanks to the unconditional support of one of my fundamental pillars, my family, in something that has really been my passion for a long time, photography, the to capture special moments, those moments that over the years we like to remember.

A simple photograph can contain thousands of stories, so I would love to be part of yours.

"Seeing is not enough, you have to feel what you are photographing. ”André Kertész
I capture the magical moments of the most important day of your life.

I bring creativity and art narrating unrepeatable moments, but without intervening directly.

On many occasions it is difficult to find an image that really conveys the full force of a unique, special moment.

That is why I give 100% so that all those special moments are immortalized forever.

FdB certified photographer

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Narvaez, 60, 28009

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