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Certificate from: 29/09/2019

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Classic, Rockabilly, Swing, Country
"Race of the Century" (1955, comedy/adventure classic) by Blake Edwards, with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Natalie Wood.

Confidence, quality, charisma. Like alliances, your photographer is the true investment of the wedding, because our work is what does last physically and emotionally with you, it does not stay on the day of the wedding, you will have it throughout our lives, it is your benchmark of how it was, what happened, who was there, everything detailed and always in your hands, being able to see it whenever you want.

With confidence and a natural empathy that will truly captivate you. The optimism and my ingenuity as this vibrant dynamic sense that my life has, all so natural to my character and that I know is as warm as it is extroverted and as fun as it is close to you, I revel in the vocation of these vivid and timeless photographs, in which romanticism and my peculiar nostalgic line shine sweetly, harmoniously and spontaneously.

Absolutely involved in you, really! As professional as it is subjective and as objective as it is personal; natural, spontaneous and fresh. Creation and recreation about your personality and vitality. We will meet during the previews as the always essential pre-wedding; Allow me to transfer the meaning of your personality and life preferences in a completely natural way to what will be your love story told naturally on an indelible day in your memory and for that of your offspring and family.

do you know? You always manage to captivate me each of you with the story that your hearts move me and I communicate with my images; you make me feel a true fulfillment of vocational life thanks to your trust and emotion even after so many years; really… I adore you!

FdB certified photographer
Sagra & David / Photo: Silver 2019 WPE Awards

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Pablo Lima Pro, s / n, Rivas Vaciamadrid, 28523

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