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Certificate from: 2020-12-17

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Fabio Gumerato
Never Deixe of Lembrar

You say here a pouquinho burned Fabio Gumerato, a 45-year-old young man who has a tireless spirit in search of the realization of his dreams and goals he still intends to achieve.
Nothing shy, but a little introverted, observant, shy at any moment it triggers to be more spontaneous. I contato with people who want to wake up or love them, tracing joy and doing sorrow.

A human being grateful to Deus, to his family roots and to all the people he knows. All of them are fundamental for your evolution as a person, a family and a profession, as well as love, affection, respect and gratitude for your beautiful wife, who is always by your side, supporting when you need to be supported and acknowledging when you must be recognized.
It seems that I would not be able to achieve all the objectives and dreams that I have conquered here.
On this journey, you see me making several serious dreams, conquering admiration, respect and gratitude for people for where you pass.

A life story that I see being built with much sweat and gratitude, conquests with much luck, strength and courage, never give up, you can each challenge overcome or appreciate and prove that everything is worth it. I donate an enormous heart, I see myself learning to express and for the reason that exists in your interior, showing how you lift people and things through giving shape and feeling, raising or belo, to expressão maximum da art through photography, showing How do you see the world in your life, helping people and recording every moment that you will never be skewed and faze differently in the life of each um com quem passa.

This is Fabio Gumerato

FdB certified photographer

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El Salvador 381, Brasilia, 13904400

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