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I am Miguel Anxo Rivas, from Pensamento Creativo Photographers, and above all I am a documentary wedding photographer. The phrase "If you're looking for the usual ... it's not here" fits us like a glove. I think you don't need 30 photos of your dress hanging on a curtain, or spend your wedding day posing for me. Your wedding will be above all a Party, and a roller coaster of emotions. My goal is for this to be reflected in your report in an impressive and spectacular way, and we give everything to make it that way.
One of my distinguishing features is that I usually stay for the entire dance / open bar. This is not the general custom, since some level party photos require a certain technical deployment, in addition to having a very laborious editing job. In a 12-hour wedding, the party will take about 3 or 4 hours. And it seems to me that the third part of your wedding cannot be left without covering, which is also the time that produces the funniest moments of the day: the bouquet, the league, the limbo, the groom's manteos, everyone unleashed singing and dancing… Can we really settle this with an hour of coverage? No way.
The other point that differentiates my work is the motivation to "get oil" out of any situation, and to "invent" striking photos in ordinary settings. This also depends to a large extent on motivation, that you like what you do, that we are "hungry for photos", which is what I think marks a job well done and different. If you want to know more, contact us and we will be happy to spread our illusion for Wedding Photography See you soon!

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