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2 2020

Certificate from: 2020

Jesus Herranz de Lucas
In all Europe

Since we are children, we base our life project on illusions, on which we would like to be older, those illusions are what make us create our goals and our dreams. Sometimes the power of illusion is combined with dedication and hard work, and the fulfillment of dreams is born.

Years ago I was excited to do what I do now, which is leading me to achieve goals and be very close to fulfilling my dreams.

When what you do is passionate about you, the results are completely different.

«Many photographers think that if they buy a better camera they will be able to take better photos. A better camera will do nothing for you if there is nothing in your head or in your heart »Arnold Newman

FdB certified photographer

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c / Dámaso Alonso, 20 Local Alcalá de Henares, 28806

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