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Certificate from: 2/26/2015

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During its trajectory, Inhar Mutiozabal Argazki Estudioa has been characterized by its personalized treatment with all its clients. From the first meeting to the final delivery of the report, they will be aware of even the smallest detail and they will follow your instructions so that everything goes as you want. Describing myself is quite difficult for me, since I am not used to defining in words what I do with my camera. If it were a bit of the images that I have photographed in my life, in more than 60 weddings, it would be the nerves of the bride, the emotion of the family, the sweetness and tranquility of the groom ... and it is so, I have a bit of all that . I am a very perfectionist person, but without being obsessed. I like that plans go well, and help all the people around me in everything that is in my power. If I can give a little bit of myself to achieve someone's happiness, you can be sure that I will, without expecting anything in return. Some might think I'm stupid, but all I want is to be remembered as a good person. Everything else is useless. I was passionate about photography in college, and since then it has been my great hobby. I've been living off my hobby for more than 5 years, and that makes me lucky. Every day I concentrate all my strength to improve, and move forward, with a single objective, to move people with the images of their big day. Because photography is more than beauty. The photographs are the memory of those moments in life that in the future will be the only thing that will remain: Memory.

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