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Hello, I am Rubén Córdoba and I am a professional photographer and since I can remember, I have been interested in the arts, two in particular: music and photography. In my view, there are two good ways to express feelings and, of course, to back memories. I remember being on vacation with my grandparents and my parents, having them put in to take the typical tourist picture, take the camera and wait ... wait until they get desperate to relax and capture the true moment, its essence. It all started there. With 20 years I began to study image and sound and so far I have not stopped evolving, each capture and each note is a new lesson. Feeling everything you do and perfecting day by day is the oxygen I breathe.

This project full of illusion was born with the idea of ​​making a wedding photograph alive and full of color, thinking about the images that we would have liked to have in our wedding, elegant, fresh and why not, with a touch of humor.

I have a team with great technical and artistic training, with whom in addition to meeting your expectations we want to overcome them and for this we continue working day by day. Our goal is to offer you a day full of emotions, that you enjoy the report as much as we do, and we will do it through photography and video: it will be a report full of fun, color and much, much love. We bet on creativity and elegance, turning the photo session into a unique moment, so that when you see the images again after the years, you remember all those wonderful sensations that you lived.

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