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Certificate from: 25/02/2022

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I am a wedding photographer, Italian. I was born in Rome, although a large part of my life was spent in Monza. I feel in love with the Mediterranean, with Spain and with its people. I live by the sea, in the province of Tarragona.

I studied Cinematography in Rome and for 25 years I worked in the world of cinema and advertising. Although I must confess that what always fascinated me was wedding photography, that is why in addition to my camera, in each photograph, I also put my heart. What am I going to do, I'm a romantic.

Being a wedding photographer allows me to capture the emotions that emerge and the moments of connection between people. It moves me to capture those singular and special moments, in which what has to happen happens and that tell a story.

That is why I am also passionate about portrait photography since each face has something to say, something to tell.

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Calle Terral de Dalt 16 Calafell, 43830

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