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Eva Calero Alia
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More than photography itself, what we are truly passionate about is being able to tell stories through them with a photojournalistic style, without poses or situations studied or prepared. Without theater, extras, or additions, show in a natural way the events that take place on a day as special as your wedding.

We know how to work without being seen and our images are natural, full of emotion, fun and complicity. What we do is to impregnate ourselves with the magic and romanticism that a celebration of this caliber gives off and be aware of any situation that occurs on that day.

Wedding photojournalism is a technique in which the photographic report shows as naturally and as possible the events that have occurred.

We are inspired by war photography. In this type of report, the photographer's intervention is totally null and must be prepared at all times. The photographer who uses this technique at weddings should not bother, but quite the opposite, that is, work without being seen. Stay invisible but at the same time very aware of everything that happens, from the most momentous moments of the event, to the smallest details that may seem unimportant at first but that choose great surprises. In this way, when the couple wants to remember this day, they can do it with just a few images.

We always seek that the complicity and trust with the bride and groom be total on the wedding day. We will always be with you from the first meeting and except for force majeure we will also be your photographers, but we will not send you other photographers to replace us or on our behalf.

When choosing a photographer, I would not look for someone who had the most spectacular photos on their website or portfolio. I would look for someone who was able to show me and my partner as we are, while making us feel comfortable and confident. In addition, I would talk to the photographer who was going to do the report for me, I would tell him what everything I have planned for the wedding and I would let it be him who advised me of the possibilities that the report would be the best possible, and from from there I would put with him all the schedules, even ceremony, banquet ...

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