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Certificate from: 03/08/2021

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Enzo is an artist dell'immagine that metterà his own passione and the great experience that contradistinguishes him to your complete disposition in the giorno più important della vostra vita. Affidating to Enzo Fornione the sicurezza di affidare and ricordi of your marriage to a highly qualified figure who saw permetterà di riviverlo ogni volta che vorrete.
In spontaneous and natural way Enzo raccoglierà the emotions più deep of the vostro wedding day, senza ricorrere to pose forzate and demodé. With lui vi you will always feel free and completely free to you agio poiché vi will continue with discretion senza mai interrupt il flusso degli eventi.
Enzo will be happy to know and plan to introduce the typology of the service that will meet the needs of your needs. This photographer racconterà il vostro amore rispettando la vostra personalità and mettendo in primo piano i vostri sentimenti.

FdB certified photographer

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