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Emilio Romanos Castineira
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A simple, quiet guy, in love with this crazy profession that is photography, and the land that saw me be born, Galicia, and especially the great unknown south of Lugo, land of “soutos” and vineyard, green and wet bathed by the Sil, Miño and Cabe rivers, the Ribeira Sacra and the O Courel Mountains.

For all this, landscape photography is one of my greatest passions, as are the ancestral traditions that are maintained throughout this “Terra Meiga”. And I say all this, because precisely this is what characterizes all my photography, the landscape, whether it's a fashion session, a communion or a wedding ... the landscape is a common denominator in my work.

The rain, the blessed rain, the rivers, the waterfalls, the sea, the cliffs, the forests, the colors ... the Galician gray days, melancholic, "dying" ... the snow ... the sun ... these are my sources of inspiration, one day is never the same as another, nor is the light the same as yesterday. Neither a love story is equal to another, nor a child to another ... and all this is the most exciting, every session, every child, every wedding is a new challenge, a new impulse that makes every day that passes I feel more fortunate doing what I do.

“The secret of happiness is not always in doing what you want, but in always wanting what you do”

Leon Tolstoi

This phrase is not simply because it is beautiful or looks good, but because it is my way of facing life, and my life is photography, and I live it with passion and true love for what I do.

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