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I am a photographer, and being a photographer for me is more than a profession; it is a way of looking at the world. When I started in photography I did it by intuition, without stopping to think what it meant ... time has made me understand the what, why and why. It is the experience that has given meaning to this way of life. Photography has long since ceased to be a mere «capturing scenes» for me to become a «reflecting realities». Between one and the other there is a subtle difference: Emotion It does not matter if it is a landscape, a celebration, a family, or a house ... each of these scenarios breathes and inspires me, feels and transmits me. And that which comes to me after getting carried away by the moment is what I try to cover with my camera. Each work session is unique and special for me; people who open the doors of their house, their life, their soul for me to capture their essence; families that invite me to be part of the most special moments of their lives; couples, women, men, children, who do not skimp on looks, beats, gestures and expressions before me deserve all my respect and admiration. Each and every one of them have built what I am today. And it is that photography, through each of the people and situations that have passed in front of my objective, has made me immerse myself in a tremendously enriching process of personal growth; photography has made me look at the world from another perspective; photography has made me look at the world in the key of light: the light of the moment, the light of the place, and the light of people. The world is full of people with stories. Stories that deserve to be told.

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