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I love my job and enjoy it, because there are such beautiful things in life as creating the possibility of remember looks, gestures, joys, past ages and people, who survive in time.

Creating perhaps is not the right word. All these situations are done by your loved ones and friends, in which I figure as an active witness of that day.

That is why I want you to consider me more a guest than a mere photographer, more a chronicler than a mere spectator.

My style is natural and personal..

Natural: I don't look for poses and I don't provoke situations. All this leads to the report being yours, unique and author. Without any subsequent digital retouching with photoshop, unless you ask me.

Personnel: Because your wedding is special, I will be your travel companion and your confidant. I will help you, within my means, to have that day go by as you had imagined and remember it over the years.

I am very lucky to combine work and hobby. That is why the reports I do, I do as if they were for me. I am demanding with myself, so I am sure that I will give you what you expect when you hire me.

FdB certified photographer

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Zorrotzagana Street, 21 - Bilbao, 48013

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