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Antonio Amboade: "Stop the light in an instant and thereby be able to provoke an emotion", this is how I present myself on the web and these words are written with the intention of transmitting what photography really is for me. I am a veterinarian and photographer, I studied both at the same time and for many years the first was my profession and the second my hobby until the moment came when I realized that photography took up all my free time ... and more, for what I decided to sell my part of the company to my partners and to focus on what until then was my hobby.
What attracts me most about weddings is that, in a totally sincere and impossible way to control, there are a lot of emotions in the air and I love being able to be your storyteller in images. That is why every time a couple entrusts us with their wedding report, I realize that it is our photos that will last helping them to remember that day and that is a great responsibility.

Conchi Álvarez: Computer technician and photographer. Thirty years ago I took my first photography course and met the one who is today my road companion, Antonio, with whom I share the love for this art. Since then I have been combining my professional activity with training in photography and video editing until it becomes my way of life.
For me, photography has always been the means to channel my creativity, but it was the day I decided to accompany Antonio to do a wedding report when I realized that I loved that field and decided to join him. This is how Namorei Audiovisuales arises.
I like to face each wedding as a unique event, since although they all share a similar scheme, they will depend on the character of their protagonists, the chosen places and the attitude of their guests.
I enjoy video editing. I get excited, I laugh, I cry, I spend hours and hours looking for the right music and trying to summarize in an entertaining way and in a short space of time a whole day that will mark the lives of the couples who have trusted us for it.

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AVDA FINISTERRE 72, 2º A, Cee, A Coruña, 15270

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