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Anna has seven years of experience, so cover any expectations, including realization and layout of wedding albums. The purpose is to tell everything that is happening that day. Your story, that of your guests, what is going on around you, the decoration, the place you have chosen ... Anna works all over Spain. At each wedding Anna Sivukha lets things happen on their own with the sole purpose of capturing natural moments, without forced smiles or artificial poses. She will be your friend and will be one more among the guests, capturing unique moments. The vision of this photography professional is zero poses, natural lights and relax style. This is his way of working, with these keys he achieves truly incredible and magical results that convey the history of each wedding. Anna Sivukha will accompany you throughout the day of your wedding, from the beginning to the end, she does not want to miss a moment. It will be with you, but you will hardly see it. He likes to be in the background, go unnoticed, collecting in each photo the best moments of your celebration.



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⠀⠀ My name is Anna.
I work as a photographer for 7 years. And I am in love with my work. After 7 years as a wedding photographer I have developed my own style. And above all I love love between people.

I love capturing those natural moments with my camera and full of happiness during your new adventure.
I am a storyteller, and you are the story 🙂

⠀⠀⠀ I work in all countries and have a great experience as a photographer from different destinations (Spain, Germany, Russia, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Italy, and many more)
All weddings are different and I would love to work exactly with your own wedding.
On my website, you can see my photographic world.

For me, photography is more than a job! It's my life. and my goal is to make you happy.

FdB certified photographer

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