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Makeup and hairstyles for brides and guests

Posted by: florence on October 8, 2021

Dove Beard
Make Up & Hair Designer
Beauty Coach for Brides and Guests

we interviewed Dove Beardan expert and recognized image consultant for brides and guests. She will talk to us about what is most popular in hairstyle and makeup at weddings. With his great experience he knows how to interpret and enhance the beauty of each person.

She is a great professional, a tireless worker who has a long history of doing hair and makeup for big brands and celebrities. She is an image consultant for well-known fashion and entertainment publications and productions. Nobody better than her to tell us about the latest trends for weddings.

Dove Beard

-This year, in terms of style for brides, a trend of romantic and boho style is perceived. This feminine and romantic character has also been reflected in the hairstyle and makeup?

PB Absolutely yes.
Naturalness is the new beauty. Natural smokey in brown tones of course, never black, enhancing the look and giving prominence to the lash line with a subtle blurred eyeliner and working the lash to the maximum.

Photography Fran Ortiz

PB Regarding hair, we are experiencing an explosion around the care of your health. Many brides opt for hydration and radiance treatments to show off a natural and shiny mane, leaving it loose or semi-gathered with natural waves. But if the option is to pick it up, the romantic low updos are the most desired option, always respecting the texture of natural hair. Looking for a fresh and organic finish.
Another option that is in high demand is the low ponytail or XXL braid very fashionable in social networks, although as always with natural, fresh and romantic finish.

The trends of Hairstyles for brides

What colors of shadows have triumphed this year

PB This year, following the line I was telling you, natural shadows stand out. Skin tones, browns and in some cases with satin finishes to add luminosity to the look. We leave mattifying powders only for very specific and small areas since the finish of the leather is always satin and with a lot of light. Hence, the highlighters appear in all versions and textures to be able to adapt to all skin types. These are undoubtedly the protagonists and essentials of all looks.
To fix the makeup we use spray products such as moisturizing mists (such as Caudalie) and fixatives (such as Urban Decay) provide us with hydration, luminosity and fixation.

Make-up eyelashes

To achieve fixation in the lipsticks, we first work on the hydration of the lip itself and different textures but we avoid using fixed lipsticks that provide a thick and matte texture and we want the opposite, natural finishes.

bridal makeup
make up for brides

-This year did braids for both brides and guests win their place?

PB That is, they are a claim for both brides and guests. They are everywhere! That is why you have to be creative and give always something that makes it unique and special, especially if it is the bride. Some detail such as a headdress or bow that differentiates the look.

braids for brides
Braids for brides

-The ideal hairstyle to accompany a romantic dress is a braid or a semi-collected?

PB For a romantic look, I would always go for a semi-updo or a low updo. They sweeten the features a lot and you can complement it with a smoked to give prominence to the look.

Paloma Beard Make up
Custom headdresses

-What are the essential accessories for braids or collected?

PB Small headdresses, tiaras or brooches ...
Any option that is not too big. XL flower crowns finished. For the most natural looks less is more.

Headdress for girlfriends

Paloma loves what she does, whenworks puts all his passion to do well in large and small events. Their experience and methodology accompanies you throughout the process, from the idea to the realization. Thanks for your valuable tips!

Wedding couple in the Ermita dels Peixets
Photography Fran Ortiz Dress @ lucia1990valencia

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