Wedding decoration with natural elements and materials
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Wedding decoration with natural elements and materials

Posted by: admin on April 13, 2021
Photograph by Miguel Bolaños

La wedding decoration It is a very personal issue that will depend on the taste and style of the couple, there is no rule that defines what should and should not be done. 

And it is that this is a really important day for both, not only will they have each other, but they will commit to fulfill and maintain that union. For this reason, their nerves tend to consume them and stress them, looking for everything to be perfect, but even the small details can reveal the love that is in the environment. 

That is why, at present, there is a fairly strong trend for the decor of this type of event, which proposes a much more natural and simple style, where the nature resources to highlight the beauty of the bridal event. Throughout this post, we will talk to you in more detail about this, as well as give you some very useful tips. 

Ceremony in the Church or outdoors

Photograph by Marc Pradés

The option to perform the outdoor wedding It is very attractive to many, but it will depend on what the bride and groom want, in the case of an ecclesiastical wedding that you want to take place in a place other than the church, it is important that you know the rules in this regard.

In the event that the bride and groom are of the Catholic religion, permission can be obtained for the ceremony to be held in a place other than the church as long as the officiant is empowered to carry out the sacrament, in turn it must be performed in a place considered worthy to give a mass. 

You can choose a hotel or resort that has a chapel and thus adapt the place for the wedding celebration, with prior authorization from the church. The processes to carry out the ceremony in other open places such as beaches, private farms are usually more complicated to obtain the religious marriage certificate. That is why they are usually carried out symbolically.

Another option will be to perform the traditional ceremony in the church and then move on to the celebration in an outdoor space, which may be decorated with natural elements and materials.

Suggestions for decorating the wedding with natural elements and materials

Photograph by Edoardo Agresti

Choose a tent

One of the first selections corresponds to defining if you want a totally open environment or that has an awning or tent, which will be a practical way to protect guests from rain, wind or even from a lot of sun. At the same time, it allows you to enjoy the natural landscape without being an obstacle.


A great option is to select wooden tables and chairs, both for the ceremony and for the banquet.

La natural wood It is a very versatile material that adapts perfectly to a decoration in a natural and rustic style, offering beauty and warmth to the guests. 

A fake wooden gate surrounded by flowers can be added to frame the entrance of the bride, or the way to the ceremony if it is held outdoors.

You can also incorporate a pergola decorated with many flowers, or wooden letters with messages related to the celebration or the names of the bride and groom, etc. As well as walls or decoration elements where wooden wall lights can be used. For example, a wall or floor for the ceremony. 

Wild flowers

bridal bouquet
Photograph by Alberto Ramirez

In all wedding, the role that flowers play is very important, as it adds a special touch, symbolizing the joy of the new union and the love reigning in the atmosphere. 

There is a wide range of flower options for the wedding decoration outdoors. 

The impact that is achieved with a suitable floral selection represents the charm and transformation to any place where they are placed. Converting simple spaces into magical environments full of charm for a celebration of this type. It is possible to create beautiful wild bouquets to give you that style you want.

If you are looking for a country style you can select wild flowers such as daisies. If you want a more romantic style, you can choose paniculata, lavender, eucalyptus, limonium, wheat, which, when combined with ribbons, inside glass vases, ceramic flowerpots, wicker or wood baskets can provide a natural touch. as well as rustic and colorful.

In addition, wildflowers are a cheaper option than other types of flowers and offer a more relaxed style that can also be elegant.

Incorporate the flowers in centerpieces, the path traveled by the bride and her bouquet, the altar, and in any other point that is intended to stand out.


Miguel Bolaños

It should be borne in mind that at nightfall you can include beautiful decorations with candles and lights, in order to create a cozy atmosphere, with many warm light strips. Turning the space into a spectacular and especially romantic atmosphere.

The lights can also highlight elements such as a pergola, the tent, counters, wooden letters with the initials of the bride and groom or with words alluding to the event. 

Table decoration

To continue in the natural style, burlap or jute textiles can be included to achieve a rustic and original table runner. Being a neutral color it is very well accompanied by beautiful flowers and centerpieces that include candles, to achieve an ecological decoration. Opting for a simple and elegant dinnerware that matches will be ideal.

Long live the bride and groom

To celebrate at the end of the ceremony, you can offer a nice detail that contains natural elements for the guests to throw at the bride and groom, such as rose petals, rice, olive leaves, flower confetti, etc., while they shout long live the bride and groom!

They can be offered inside decorative cones, according to the style of the celebration.

With creativity and good taste you can achieve a beautiful style for the natural wedding decor, highlighting the beauty and charm of outdoor spaces, making love reign in every corner.

Finally, always keep the best photographer in mind, this is because he will be the one chosen to document all the important things that will happen that day, starting with the reception at the altar until the moment of family dinner, every little moment is important to never forget professed love. 

Photograph by Pedro Álvarez

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