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VERSE Workshop 18-22 April

Posted by: admin on March 9, 2022



Verse Workshop is an experience, a challenge, a adventure where you discover your limits as a photographer and transcend them. 5 days of coexistence with a maximum of 10 professional photographers where we, Mónica and Andreu, are going to share all the essence of our photography and the tools (some very crazy) that have brought us here. We will open ourselves completely to you to transmit all our knowledge and experiences in the world of documentary wedding photography.

We want to help you connect emotionally with people to create images compelling and meaningful images that transcend wedding photography. for you to build a new mindset and a different way of seeing and photographing the world.


It will be an amazing experience...

see workshop

Verse Workshop


…You want to transcend your limits If you are looking refine your look as a photographer.

If you are stuck in your creative process and bored of always taking the same photos.

If you would like to transcend fears and blockages that do not let you evolve as a photographer and use them in your favor.

If you want to know how other professionals work and learn new ways of seeing and looking working on a royal wedding.

If you want to tell stories with meaningful images that reach the hearts of people.

It is also for you if you want to build a solid portfolio that will mark the course of your career as a wedding photographer and you need experience within the field of international weddings.

If you feel like exploring yourself as a photographer, as a human and connect you with the deepest and most authentic part of you.

If you think your time has come evolve in every sense.

Verse Workshop


Go from taking good photos to photos that connect


You will learn to tell stories by letting the Life happen in front of you, without having to prepare anything. you will discover how be present to connect with people and with action in the opportune moment.

We will teach you documentary photography techniques, self-analysis and how to apply this to your wedding photography in order to be a visual storyteller stronger. This will lead you to question ideas and convictions about yourself.
You will know how to shoot with intention, work on an idea and a frame until you are satisfied with your work.


You will learn to connect with the people photographed to create link and take images that convey emotions. We will investigate techniques for you to connect with your essence, with your Be inside. We will teach you how to develop your empathy and your sensitivity.

With us you will learn to see now expand sensory limits so you can photograph them.

10% discount for certified photographers of the FdB collective

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