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New web covers in Arcadina

Posted by: admin on March 2, 2018

The first impression is always important. And when we talk about web pages, having an attractive first page is essential. Today we share a post from our friends from Arcadina, a company specialized in creating websites for photographers. They present the latest news on their covers for photographers' websites and give us some tips:



What is the cover of your website?

It is the first thing your visitors will see on your website. It is optional and if you activate it it serves to welcome the visitor of your website with a photo that transmits your style and with links to the most important sections of your website. Sections that can be the same website, galleries, blog, your services, the store, the customer area or a social network. It's up to you.

In addition, all our web covers are adapted to mobile devices and tablets, so they look on any device from which your website is visited. And you can add a block of text in the foot (text, images, videos, ...) to get the cover you want, simple and direct or with more content.

Give your website an attractive and simple first visual impact at the same time.

You can choose your cover from several available designs. In this article we have prepared several examples of websites created with each type of cover. As you will see, each website reflects very well the style of the photographer or creative to whom it belongs. Some of these websites even use the same starting options and you don't even realize it!


1. TRANSPARENT web page

A web cover where the background photo is the main protagonist and where the logo and transparent boxes with shortcuts complete a simple and very attractive design.


Transparent cover - Transparent cover


Transparent web cover - Cover Transparent


2. BIG website cover

The Big web cover is chameleonic and allows you to highlight your photographic or creative specialty. Combine an optional background photo with large blocks where you can include a photo in each. These blocks give access to the most important parts of your website. The text of each block appears when the mouse cursor is placed on it in the form of a semi-transparent lower band. The result as you see is very colorful and practical.


Big web cover - Portada Big


Big web cover - Cover Big


Big web cover - Cover Big


3. DREAM website cover

The Dream web cover achieves an evocative, dreamy effect, as the name implies. It consists of a background photo and a floating menu with an optional semi-transparent horizontal band. You can adjust both the colors of the menu text and the band, getting a total customization. You can also choose the menu position.


Dream web cover - Dream Cover


Dream web cover - Cover Dream


4. ELEGANT website cover

The cover Elegant is also based on blocks of images with a link. These blocks allow a transition effect from black and white to color and vice versa very colorful and are a bit smaller than on the Big cover. In addition, the text of the block always appears visible below them. It also allows you to add a background image and contents (text, images, videos, ...) in the footer. Different options for different tastes.


Elegant web cover - Elegant Cover


Elegant web cover - Cover Elegant


5. IMPACT website cover

This cover pleased our users very much. Divide the screen vertically, showing an image on the left and an information area on the right. This area allows you to display the logo, shortcuts and social networks. And a Slogan, which is an optional short phrase that you want to highlight and summarize the essence of your business. The set offers an elegant and impressive design at the same time. Your visitors will want to meet you and maybe hire. Insurance! ?


Impact web cover - Impact Cover


Impact web cover - Impact Cover


Create a photographer and creative website with a lot of personality

By changing your cover you can get a website with a lot of personality. And this is only the beginning, since you can also change the design of the galleries. And soon many more customizations that you will love.


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