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"Copywriting" on photography websites

Posted by: admin on April 20, 2019

In this article, Copywriter Laura Llorente gives a series of tips on how to improve the texts of a photographer's website. Text is an essential part of communication and writing following good criteria is essential. The text of our website has to answer important questions such as: Who are we? What services do we offer? Where do we work?

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Writing well the texts of our website helps us connect with our ideal client. Think about the strength a testimony can have when purchasing an online product. We share this article by Laura so you can get to work and improve your website today!

  • Where should texts be included in a photography website?
    • Home or Home. Your presentation page
    • Services. What you offer to your visitors and customers.
    • U.S. Highlight your best qualities and show yourself nearby.
    • Contact. Let them find you in a thousand ways and ask you for all the information they need.
    • Testimonials and opinions. Let your customers talk about you.
  • The contents of your photography blog
    • Post regularly
    • The extension of your texts
  • The most common mistakes in the contents of a photography website and how to solve them
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