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6 Examples of Creative Websites of Photographers

Posted by: admin on 9 May 2016

We have gathered six web pages of photographers to inspire you when creating your own. Needless to say, your website should be totally focused on your photographs, and it should also create a good overall feeling. Some of the aspects that best describe a photographer's creative web page are: clean, minimalist, creative, intuitive sites, with great images ... and many more.

That's why today we bring you 6 websites of creative photographers, that they are in their work and that they have also demonstrated this facet when designing their website. Its pages are a visual test, witnesses of your personality, your skills and your creativity. Along with the most beautiful and creative photographs, these are undoubtedly websites that will make you say "wow!" So scroll down and enjoy!


Rebeca Saray, photographer and digital artist

Rebeca Saray, one of the most requested photographers and digital artists of the moment, has just created her new website with Arcadina, a website where it shows a taste, quality and fantasy without limits with which to create imperishable images. The result has been impeccable, he has been able to pamper each one of his galleries like nobody else, where you will be able to enjoy much of his unique and surprising worlds. A website that you can not miss, enter and give free rein to your imagination:



Flare Project, a web project created to communicate with images

FLARE PROJECT was born as a result of the passion for photography that the couple formed by Alfonso and Carol feel. It is a dream motivated by the need to want to communicate through creative images everything that words do not reach. A constant search for emotions, feelings and desires lead them to capture different, creative, evocative and fun scenes that will not leave you indifferent.

Daniel Mellado Photography, creative photography and digital art

Daniel Mellado is a Valencian photographer who has been accompanied by photography throughout his life, becoming his passion, for him he is already synonymous with feeling and is what he tries to capture through his camera. He currently works in collaboration with several studios in Palma de Mallorca, high-performance studies that are committed to new technologies and the latest in photography, encouraging the creativity of the photographer beyond the limits established by the work tools. Great proof of this you will find on its website, its galleries full of Fantasy you will love it !:



Alfi Gómez Estudio, a different air in digital photography

Alfi Gómez was born in Madrid in 1984. From musician father and mother painter he collected part of both throughout his childhood. At the beginning of high school he moved to Córdoba with his parents where he studied with work at the upper conservatory of Córdoba and painted in his spare time that ended up being more than times ... Hence the style of this photographer, who tries to combine modern photography with the brightness and color techniques he learned by drawing comics in his teens.

Each illustration tries to convey the beauty and complexity of the human being. He currently directs the photography studio that bears his name, on his new website you will find a different air to what we know as digital photography:


Kräff Studio, an Argentine creative team specialists in photography and creative video

Three young Argentine photographers make up the Kräff Studio. A creative team that join forces in photography and filming at the service of fascinating projects. On its website you will find a fresh and daring photography style with a very original artistic sense, with which they get jobs with a different touch that we encourage you to know:



Miguel Andrés website, creative design in family photography

MIGUEL ANDRÉS is a photographer who has been creating images for more than ten years, working with families, children, boyfriends ... under a work system that always gives rise to a comfortable and fun environment. He unfolds like no one among the little ones, he integrates as if he were a child with his camera, a playmate, creating new worlds with his hobbies, his favorite heroes and characters, his interests ... no doubt the ideas of the little ones always get something fun or creative in each session. The result, nice and original photographs that you can enjoy on its new website:


Enjoy a creative photographer website

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