What photo to submit to contest? What photo to submit to contest?
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What photo to submit to contest?

Posted by: admin on December 15 2019

Chat with Rafa and Alberto, FdB 2020 Awards

We spoke with Rafa Cucharero and Alberto Ramirez on how to choose the photographs to send to a photo contest. Color or Black and White? Horizontal or vertical?

Two wedding photographers among the most recognized and with extensive experience tell us their secrets when participating in a contest. We analyze some of the photographs awarded in the last FdB Awards competitions highlighting important technical and aesthetic elements.

During the broadcast we present the new category of the FdB Awards, Wedding Stories or full reports. This is the category that rewards a full report, consisting of 20 photos taken at the same wedding. We look to the future with the will that the contest be an instrument for wedding photography to evolve reaching more and more couples.

Here is the full talk, hit the play!

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