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Artificial Intelligence for Wedding Photographers

Published by: Martino on February 22, 2023

Can artificial intelligence help photographers?

There are several AI-based apps and tools that photographers can use to improve the quality of their images. These tools can help adjust color, light, and composition in images with incredible precision. But there are also programs that help photographers perform specific tasks.

AI for wedding photographers

Broadly speaking, artificial intelligence (AI) can be divided into two main categories: generative AI and applied AI.

Generative AI refers to the creation of new content, such as text and/or images generated from a series of data and rules. This means that generative AI can generate images from text, using algorithms to create an image that reflects the content of the text.

Furthermore, the applied AI refers to the way in which AI can help users to perform specific tasks. For example, AI can help photographers select images based on a variety of criteria, such as image quality, image content, etc. In this case, the AI ​​is helping the user make a decision on which image is best for their purpose.

We examine the tools available for selecting and editing photos with Justin Benson co-founder of aftershoot. Company that creates an application that uses AI to help carry out the selection task.

He also participates in the video Fran Ortiz who has been using and testing the Aftershoot application for a while now. Fran tells us how she has saved selection time in recent months.

Discover how a wedding photographer can save hours of work on the computer thanks to new programs based on neural networks.

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