Sell ​​Photos On-Line with Carlos Reina
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Sell ​​Photos On-Line with Carlos Reina

Posted by: admin on January 25, 2021

Carlos Reína's Conference: Sell Photos On-Line. Live recording during the event Virtual CONNECT 2020. The direct testimony of a photographer who has succeeded in discovering a new market niche in sports photography taking advantage of technological advances.

Sell ​​Photos On-Line CONECTA virtual

In Virtual CONECTA 2020 we discover new ways to adapt and reinvent ourselves in the world of wedding photography, expanding the offer to other fields with innovative ideas. Today we are talking about an interesting way to make a profit as photographers, selling photos online.

Charles Queen ( is a Spanish photographer who has lived and worked in England for several years. He has set up a business selling photographs in the sporting events market. With the help of their website created by Arcadina manages to offer athletes the possibility of acquiring their photos on-line.

There are dozens of possibilities: cycling events, mountain races, car races and cross-country… there are so many sports that lend themselves to getting good photos. So many interesting moments, you only need a photographer to capture them and a website for online sales.

Customers can purchase their photos directly from home. A different way to make a profit as a photographer: Sell photos from your website. Carlos explains to us how his system works and what difficulties he has overcome to achieve success.

He tells us about the success stories and the reasons for some failures, giving specific advice from his experience on how to take the photo and how to share the link of his website with the attendees. A concentrate of information that will help you a lot if you want to try to put this system into practice.

Good vision!

And you Do you dare to Sell Photos On-Line?
or have you had a similar experience to Carlos?

Tell us in the comments your questions and opinions about it.


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