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Astrophotography with Jordi Coy

Posted by: admin on January 31, 2022

We spoke with Jordi Coy, a photographer from Elda who makes impressive images mixing astrophotography, landscape and couple photos. Learn more about the techniques he uses to capture the moon, the sun or the stars. Find out which cameras and lenses work best to achieve good results. 


During the interview, Jordi tells us how he manages to capture extraordinary images with a 600mm Sigma lens that uses a 5.6 diaphragm without focal doublers so as not to lose brightness. In addition, he usually crops the photo in post-production to get even closer and thus obtain a large moon.

One of the most important aspects in this type of photography is the organization of times and places. Using a specific application plan in detailallFind the exact place to stand to get a good view of the moon or sun. The time available to shoot is quite short and a fallor place can be crucial.

Here are some of the photos we see in the video where we can see the results and the tools used.

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