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SEO optimization for wedding photographers

Posted by: admin on January 30, 2021

In this Webinar I share an introduction to SEO optimization for wedding photographers. Tips and tricks to make your website appear on the first page of Google in the fastest way.

It's no use if you take amazing pictures and nobody sees them. If you work on SEO you will get more visibility and with it more potential clients. So investing a little time to understand how to increase visits to your website is an interesting task.

I have learned SEO optimization bit by bit over the years. Reading several books on the subject and with the help of some of the most recognized experts in the sector. I have improved my positioning as a wedding photographer on the page Studio Wedding which is currently on the first page of Google for searches in Spain for "Wedding Reports".

SEO optimization for photographers

In this video I explain in a summarized way how to apply SEO optimization techniques for wedding photographers when writing the content of your website to climb positions in Google. We talk about tools that make our work easier as how Yoast SEO and Semrush.

Choose your keywords well

The first step is to choose some good keywords. The more specific the easier it will be to get to the first page. To choose you can do Google searches and see how many results there are for each one.

SEO results for wedding photographers
screenshotalla from the first page of Google in January 2021 for «Wedding Reports»

SEO On-Page Optimization

The elements to take into account to optimize your page are several starting with on-page optimization. To do it well we will take into account several factors such as the name of the page, the description, the ALT tags of the photographs and the amount of text.

SEO Off-Page Optimization

Another field where we can optimize is called Off-Page. In short, it is about optimizing outside of our website. Basically we will have to look for links from other websites that point to ours, if they have a better content affinity. We can achieve this, for example, by leaving comments on blogs.

SEO optimization for photographers is a job that requires time and perseverance but in the end it will give you interesting results and great visibility. You have to be patient and check traffic trends with tools like SEMrush.

In the video below I give you practical advice to implement all these techniques with direct and simple examples. In less than an hour you will be able to learn various techniques and solve the most common doubts.

So…. Let's do it!

During the video I talk about the Hocus Focus Workshop that I have on the program for February 13-14 and 15, 2021. It will be a course with face-to-face and virtual modality. You can find All the information in this link.


I want to raffle a free place and two places with a 50% discount to participate in the Hocus Focus workshop. The only requirement: be certified photographers of the FdB collective. To participate in the raffle, leave a comment below with a link to your website.

If you have doubts, questions or suggestions regarding the webinar, you just have to write them in the comments.


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