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Copywriting on wedding photography websites

Posted by: admin on 31 May 2018

Video interview with Laura Llorente Copywriter. We will talk with Laura about how we structure our photography page and about the biggest mistakes we make in the texts included in it.

What is copywriting?

In the video we discover this writing technique that helps us seduce visitors by explaining the services we offer. Nowadays it is very important to have a website but the quality of the writing is often not up to the standards of the photographs.

How is it used on a photographer's website?

It is increasingly difficult to make yourself known, to reach that “Ideal customer”, have a sales strategy that works and finally choose you.

You must learn to sell your work in a different way. Your visits need something else. They need you to keep convincing them.

Laura guides us in the main steps to understand this writing technique with practical examples and direct advice.


Laura Llorente Copywriter for Photographers

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