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Posted by: admin on 9 February 2016

Name: Miguel Angel Muniesa

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Location: Zaragoza

Again we continue with the interviews with the most influential wedding photographers in our country and this time it is the turn of the winner of the third round of our wedding photography contest, Miguel Angel Muniesa. He is a wedding photographer in Zaragoza but he works at a national level and we can say little of his work, simply spectacular photographs, with a great domain of light and elements in the composition. Let's see what he tells us.





Where do you live?

In Zaragoza.

Have you always dedicated yourself to wedding photography?

Since 2002 yes, previously I had another job outside of photography that I combined at the same time that I trained as a photographer and obtained my degree.

Why did you decide to become a wedding photographer?

Because I am passionate about photographing stories from beginning to end and a wedding takes place in just one day. Take photographs in which the main thing is the iteration of people, always full photographs, and with full ones I mean not only photographing people and point, but going a little further by photographing their emotions, their joys, their most important moments.

What are the most important elements of a good photograph?

The impact, the light and the composition.
With impact I mean the message, what it conveys, the essence, the emotion it conveys.

How would you define your wedding photography style?

Emotional and journalistic wedding photography. Emotional and photojournalistic, although at certain times I would even say that with a touch of black humor?

You like to travel? What countries and cities have you visited?

I love it, it's an exercise we should all do often.
I have been in France, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Italy….

How do you maintain the motivation and freshness of your photographs?

There are many things that motivate me such as the effort for a job well done, for always giving year after year a different product, for constantly reinventing myself and above all surpassing me. There is no one more critical of my work than myself.
I go to countless Workshops of other great photographers and I am always in constant training.

Who or what inspires you in your work or personal life?

Many other photographers inspire me at work, such as El Marco Rojo, Fer Juaristi, Two Man Studios, DQ Studios, Jeff Newsom, although I have to reveal that they inspire me more concrete photos of several photographers than the complete work of each one of them.
Cinema is also an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
In my personal life my wife inspires me above all, it is a reference for me of courage, perseverance and overcoming.


What is the best part of being a wedding photographer?

That you are always photographing one of the most important moments in people's lives, always photographing joy and happiness.

What is the hardest part of your job?

None, after thinking for a while, I haven't found her.
Perhaps the first years were the nerves you spent the day before and the hours before the wedding. But at this point already, after 14 years as a photographer, I will not deny that at the time of preparing the equipment and during the trip home from the boyfriend I run butterflies through the stomach but as soon as I take out my cameras all that disappears and I only think about One thing, take the best snapshot of each moment.

What is the easiest part of your job?

I would say the one that I like the most and it is the moments of the groom's preparations where emotions are in full bloom.

Do you do another type of photography?

Yes, any photograph that inspires me.

What do you expect from your customers?

Get excited to see my photos.


Something you are still learning?

Everything, you never just learned.

What do you like to enjoy?

Apart from my work, my wife, my pets and my motorcycles.

Something that is overrated?

The ability of a friend without preparation to make a good wedding report, hahahaha could be a joke, but it is not.

What is your favorite movie?


Miguel Angel Muniesa Wedding Photographer


What is in your music player?

There is good alternative rock, some Spanish music and especially electronic music.

What equipment do you use at weddings?

Two Nikon D750 cameras, one Fuji XT1, Objectives 35, 50 and 85mm, Flashes, syncs, honeycomb, diffusers, colored jellies.

Favorite accessory apart from the camera?

My synchro and my flash could not live without them.

What editing programs, plugins or actions are the ones you use most?

Lightroom without plugins, since my style is mine, it has cost me a lot to get to it and it is what defines me.





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